35: How I, the ADHD business strategist, conquered a meltdown and rediscovered the path to SUCCESS

35: How I, the ADHD business strategist, conquered a meltdown and rediscovered the path to SUCCESS

The Realities of how ADHD nearly derailed even me, the ADHD coach! 

"Always be learning. Always be sharpening your skills and also plan ahead" - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

Hey, weenie ADHD entrepreneur - your business strategist pal Katie McManus right here... and woah, do I have some juicy inside scoop for y'all in this Weeniecast episode.

Get this - I'm gonna share how my ADHD went all 'wrecking ball' on my business's latest launch.

But, like a phoenix from the ashes, I'm getting my game back on.

We're talking about my uphill battle with juggling tasks, seeing the future, and spreading work around my team.

Plus, how I pitted my real-life self against this 'Ideal Katie' figment of my imagination, resulting in my frustration and feeling like a total mess. But hey, once I embraced my ADHD and saw it as my secret weapon, I discovered a real opportunity for leadership growth and a way to up my planning game.

Ready to embrace your quirks, make your own rules, and turn your unique vibe into a productivity power-up?

Let's dive in.



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Laying Down the Priorities

For us ADHD entrepreneurs, tasks and projects can be like juggling flaming swords.

It's tricky, and it can lead to a scattered focus and a hefty to-do list.

But here's the secret sauce: get smart about your planning.

Make organization your new BFF.

If we sharpen our business skills, plan a step ahead, and build a well-oiled workflow, we can turn the tables on tasks and manage our time like a (literal) boss.

In this episode, I spill the beans on my ADHD rollercoaster ride, how it put speed bumps on my business road, and the rebirth of my "Build Your Own Business" (BYOB) Group program.

The old 'build the track while the train's coming' approach made famous by the incredible Shonda Rhimes? Yeah... Not cuttin' it for me anymore, not when I have to delegate and sync up with the crew.

My thoughts in this episode about learning the ropes and scaling the ladder of planning and prioritization could be just what you need. 

Real Me vs. Ideal Me

Let's face it, we've all got that 'Ideal Self' haunting us, right?

We end up comparing ourselves to some fictional superhero version of us or even other folks.

That's a one-way ticket to feeling down in the dumps and 'less than' everyone else.

The way to beat this? Recognize your own awesome mix of strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on growing yourself, not comparing.

In this episode, I call back to a previous episode explaining how my 'Real Katie' and 'Ideal Katie' comparison gets under my skin.

And hey, it's not just us ADHD folks.

It's something a lot of people wrestle with.

By sharing my own story, I'm hoping to give you guys some encouragement to ditch the comparisons and focus on your own epic journey.


Direct quote from episode

Here's the deal: as ADHD entrepreneurs, we gotta face our issues and emotional whirlwinds head-on. Once we know what's tripping us up, we can work on strategies to keep meltdowns at bay and help us grow. In this podcast, I tackle my ADHD meltdown head-on, talking about needing to level up my leadership game and get a grip on my ADHD related roadblocks. I want to inspire you.

Topics covered in this episode that's all about overcoming ADHD meltdowns:

  • Explore the influence of ADHD on business ventures and ways to mitigate its effects.
  • Embrace the power of acknowledging mistakes and turning them into stepping stones.
  • Develop personalized success strategies that align with your unique goals.
  • Strengthen essential business skills to support growth and expansion.
  • Address urgent and challenging projects with confidence and ease.


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  • Consider planning ahead and delaying a launch until you have sharpened your skills and adjusted your approach to a new project to avoid feeling overwhelmed and reducing the risk of an ADHD meltdown.

Here's a timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - Introduction,

Katie McManus introduces the episode by discussing her own struggles with ADHD and how it has impacted her business.

00:01:00 - Launching a Program,

We learn about the challenges she is facing while relaunching a program in her business, including the need to split it into two different parts and the difficulties of working with a team.

00:03:03 - Ideal Self vs. Real Self,

Katie talks about how she often compares herself to her ideal self and how this can be harmful, especially for individuals with ADHD.

00:05:16 - Adjusting to Change,

Katie discusses how her old way of doing things is no longer working and how this is an opportunity for growth and leadership development.

00:09:16 - Learning and Prioritizing, 

She uses the metaphor of Tiger Woods adjusting his golf swing to discuss the importance of learning and sharpening skills, even if it can slow down progress.  

00:14:21 - Taking Ownership of ADHD Meltdown,

Katie discusses how she is setting her own rules and schedules for her launch amidst an ADHD meltdown. She plans to email her list and own up to her struggles, encouraging others to accept their mistakes too.

00:15:48 - Katie's Imperfect Podcast,

Katie admits that she still struggles with ADHD even after starting a podcast on how to deal with it in business. 


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