30: How to fire someone from your business (when you have ADHD)
Weeniecast: overcoming ADHD in businessMay 07, 2023
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30: How to fire someone from your business (when you have ADHD)

Outgrowing your team: knowing when it's the right time to fire!

"Ask yourself, does having them in my business create more work for me than not having them in my business?" - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching 

Do you want to fire employees with empathy and integrity?

As a small business owner, achieving humane and compassionate terminations may seem like an impossible feat.

But fear not, I have the solution you've been seeking.

Discover the keys to achieving considerate and thoughtful employee exits for small business owners.


Rejection Sensitivity and Empathy

Rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) is an aspect some individuals with ADHD may struggle with, making the task of firing employees even more daunting.

Employers should be compassionate and clear when communicating the reasons for termination, treating employees with empathy and providing honest explanations for their decision.

In this episode, I, Katie McManus, am here to acknowledged the impact RSD can have on someone with ADHD and help you understand the importance of approaching the issue with kindness and understanding.

I'm urging business owners to be empathetic while providing honest feedback about a staffer's performance, ensuring a respectful conversation that maintains the dignity of the person being let go.


Must-Dos During Transitions

During the transition period after firing an employee, it's essential for small businesses to focus on the most important tasks to ensure their company remains stable. Concentrating on obligations such as client payments and marketing visibility during this time helps to maintain the business's momentum while a suitable replacement is found. To manage the workload, McManus advises business owners to prioritize crucial tasks during such transitions, ensuring that the company remains operational and visible to its target audience. This helps maintain stability and allows the business to keep progressing, even when facing the challenges associated with replacing an employee. 

This episode that's all about firing someone when you have ADHD, covers:

  • Adopting a humane attitude when relieving employees from their duties in smaller businesses.

  • Discovering the signals that an employee isn't compatible with your organization's culture.

  • Implementing candid and authentic discussions when dissolving a professional collaboration.

  • Reflecting on the impact of one's leadership skills on the process.

  • Zeroing in on imperative steps and safeguarding your organization during staff changeovers.


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