14: ADHD entrepreneurs! Use Doris to grow a large scale business!

14: ADHD entrepreneurs! Use Doris to grow a large scale business!

Listen to learn how you can grow from solopreneur to running a large scale business! With a Doris!

"Back in the old days, when you had an office and hired people and they'd come into the office, and you'd get stuck or realise at some point, this isn't what you want to be doing with your time. And you'd look over and you see Doris, sitting at her desk working away. And you'd remember, "hey, there's Doris. She works for me." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching


In this episode, I'm addressing a question from a former client about the challenges of moving from a solopreneur role to managing a large scale business.

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Hiring and Managing a Team: Moving from Solopreneur to Large Scale Business

Are you ready to grow your business and take on a full team that's dedicated and committed to helping you realize the potential of living your full glorious you?

In this episode, I'll be sharing my tips on how to make the transition from solopreneur to managing a large scale business.

From outsourcing tasks to setting expectations for your team, learn how to build a strong and efficient team that will take your business to the next level!


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Emotional and Internal Management: Letting Go of Perfection when Building a Team

Managing a team can be challenging, especially when it comes to letting go of the expectation that you have to do everything perfectly.

In this episode, I'll be delving into the emotional and internal management that is required when hiring a VA or online business manager (OBM).

Remember, their job is to come in and optimize your business.

I'll be talking you through how you can let go and help them to help you.



This episode that's all about ADHD and growing a large scale business, covers:

  • How to get yourself into a position where you can have your own Doris.
  • What are the tasks that you hate doing?
  • Explain what matters most?
  • The old days
  • Avoiding hoarding the boring tasks

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Who will get the most out of this episode all about ADHD and moving from a solopreneur to managing a full scale business

This episode is likely to be most beneficial for solopreneurs looking to expand their business from a solopreneurship to a full scale business.

In addition, the episode also covers the importance of having an internal and emotionally intelligent management style when hiring a VA or an OBM.


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About Katie McManus

Katie McManus was trained in Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Development at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.

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