19: ADHD? Be kind to yourself! Compassion counseling time! The dopamine will come!

19: ADHD? Be kind to yourself! Compassion counseling time! The dopamine will come!

How to be kind to yourself when you miss those dopamine moments

"When we forgive ourselves, and we just add it to the list fresh, and it becomes a new task for us, we actually do give ourselves that dopamine when we get it accomplished..." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching


This is the episode for ADHD entrepreneurs who don't show themselves any self compassion!


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ADHD people need a little more self compassion

In this episode, I'll be talking about self-compassion, which is often difficult for individuals with ADHD.

The reason being that throughout our lives, we've been told that we're not doing things the right way, that we're not paying attention enough, and our work isn't good enough.

All of this negative self-talk makes it hard for you to be kind to yourself as an ADHD entrepreneur.

I'm going to shares my personal experience of how my inner child is still affected by the experiences of my childhood and how easy it is to recognise it in others.

Why is self-compassion difficult for individuals with ADHD?

Growing up, we've heard negative messages that have created a harsh inner critic. This self-talk leads to us punishing ourselves when we miss self-imposed deadlines, which are often arbitrary and associated with failure.


ADHD and Overcompensation

Individuals with ADHD have to overcompensate in many ways to function in traditional systems such as schools and jobs.

This creates a higher standard that we hold ourselves to, which results in us not allowing ourselves to screw up.

However, we have never-ending compassion for other people who make mistakes.

Nobody said we aren't 'interesting', us folks with ADHD! 😂😂

The Playground Incident

If you have kids, I hope you listen to this episode, because you need to be aware of the challenges they're already facing which will potentially shape their adult struggles.

You have to hear what I witnessed this week from a local Philidelphia school teacher!

This episode that's all about ADHD self compassion, covers:

  • The episode discusses how ADHD entrepreneurs struggle with self-compassion, which is difficult for them to access.
  • People with ADHD have been told throughout their lives that they are doing it wrong, not paying attention, or not good enough, which affects their self-talk.
  • ADHD entrepreneurs tend to hold themselves to a higher standard than others, despite having never-ending compassion for others who screw up or miss deadlines.
  • The pressure to overcompensate and function within systems that do not work for them results in this need to be better, and it makes self-compassion impossible for them.


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Who will get the most out of this episode all about ADHD self compassion?

This episode is particularly useful for individuals with ADHD who are struggling to show themselves self-compassion.

The episode addresses the negative inner dialogue many people with ADHD have internalized, due to the harsh and critical messages they have been told throughout their lives.

The episode also looks at how people with ADHD must overcompensate in order to function in traditional systems, resulting in unrealistic self-imposed standards that are difficult to meet.

Ultimately, this episode serves to help individuals with ADHD practice self-compassion and understand that everyone makes mistakes.

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She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.

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