91. 5 signs you're under attack from the ADHD voices in your head & what Brené Brown can teach us about our internal shame!

91. 5 signs you're under attack from the ADHD voices in your head & what Brené Brown can teach us about our internal shame!

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Are you dealing with those pesky inner voices that try to tear down our ambitions and keep us stuck in our comfort zones? Yeah. Me too!

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

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Now, back to this episode...

I was in a French class the other day, struggling with the words, when this fascinating woman piped up, and we began chatting about our careers.

She's an opera singer from Toronto, who sings incredible pieces in French and wants to understand the language better.

What floored me was her question about my business: "How did you find the courage to start your business?"

Here’s this opera singer, someone who performs in front of audiences night after night, with impeccable bravery, asking me about courage.

That got me reflecting on how our inner voices - especially the critical ones - shape our perceptions of success and potential.

In this episode of The Weeniecast, I’m diving into exactly that: 5 signs you're under attack from the ADHD voices in your head - and how you can tackle them.

What if you could recognize the voice of doubt and saboteurs in your mind and learn how to manage them?

Here’s what you’re learning in this episode:

  • Spotting the signs of your inner critic

  • Understanding how ADHD plays into this

  • Actionable strategies to keep those voices at bay

Listening to this episode, you'll gain insights into not just recognizing these voices but pre-emptively setting safeguards to protect your entrepreneurial journey from self-sabotage.

By the end, you’ll be better equipped to steer your business with confidence and minimized self-doubt.

Timestamped summary

00:00 Dealing with doubts and fears in business.

03:20 Brené Brown addresses shame, vulnerability, and wholeheartedness.

09:27 Building without market research leads to failure.

10:55 Artistic insecurity leads to lack of validation.

15:21 Saboteur seeks to keep you from risk.

18:20 Invisible business signs and blind group leadership.

22:43 Self-care crucial for sustainable business success. Avoid comparison.

25:06 Recover from negative thoughts for personal growth.

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