90. Myth busting the 'summer slump' in business!

90. Myth busting the 'summer slump' in business!

Are you ready to bust through the myth of the dreaded 'summer slump' in your business?

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

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Now, back to this episode...

I'm setting the record straight on why the summer months don't have to be slow for your business.

You might be thinking, “But Katie, everyone’s on vacation, decision-making slows down, and business just naturally grinds to a halt between June and August.”

Well, I'm here to challenge that notion and get you to reframe your perspective.

Throughout the episode, we'll discuss the various factors that might be influencing this perception you have, including your own decision to slow down and how that impacts your business.

I'll walk you through the major external challenges – like clients being on vacation or school holidays affecting your schedule – and how to shimmy your way round them effectively.

We’ll also discuss the one critical mistake many business owners make.

So, why listen to this episode?

You'll learn how to maintain momentum in your business throughout the summer, why consistent marketing is essential, and how to adjust your workflow without sacrificing productivity or sales.

Timestamped Summary:

00:00:01 - Introduction to the Episode

00:00:24 - Common Assumptions about the Summer Slump

00:01:16 - Summer Scheduling Challenges for Parents

00:02:04 - Vacations and External Interruptions

00:03:06 - Marketing Mistakes During Summer

00:03:52 - Realistic Summer Productivity

00:06:28 - The Importance of Staying Top of Mind

00:07:12 - Balancing Work and Summer Enjoyment

00:08:02 - Adjusting Your SOPs for Summer

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