29: How to stop being a weenie ADHD-preneur with your business systems

29: How to stop being a weenie ADHD-preneur with your business systems

Avoid Business Chaos: Create a Smooth Client Onboarding Process

"Personal development is really hard for so many people, so these clients who are going through a really tough phase of working with you when it comes to paying you for the next month. That is an opportunity for them to decide, you know what? I don't wanna do this anymore. Which is sh*%ty for you because it means that you've lost a client and this client that you've lost, you haven't lost in a really clean way where you've talked about completing together and you're ending this relationship consciously." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching 

Struggling to get clients on board and seamlessly making payments within their business lots of entrepreneurs don't realise how simple it is to fix a disorganized onboarding process.

And it's exactly that which is causing the problem!

So I'm here to help you stop being a weenie with your business systems, and fix any difficult situations to help you realize the benefits of creating a streamlined system.


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Creating a Good Client Experience

A key component of business success is providing a positive client experience.

This includes not only the services provided but also the ease with which clients can access and pay for these services.

A streamlined payment process contributes to a more enjoyable client experience and increases the likelihood of repeat business or referrals.

Initially I myself, Katie McManus, struggled to implement efficient payment systems.

It is common for new business owners to face similar challenges, but I want to reassure listeners to the Weeniecast that there is always room for improvement.

By prioritizing professional systems, businesses can retain clients and promote positive word of mouth, bolstering their reputation and growth.

The Problem with Complicated Payment Systems

Do you think sometimes we can try to be too clever?

When starting a business, entrepreneurs often focus on getting clients and accommodating them, leading to disorganized payment systems.

This not only hinders business growth but also confuses clients and can result in lost revenue.

Inefficient payment systems lead to frustration for both business owners and clients alike, diminishing any sense of professionalism and trust.

With multiple clients paying through different methods, it creates difficulty in managing finances and keeping track of due payments.

So I'm urging you to listen to not only this episode, but the part two of this episode I've shared on my exclusive premium podcast, "The Weeniecast for Winners" so you can reassess their payment systems and ensure it follows a streamlined approach to avoid any complications or misunderstandings.


This episode that's all about stopping being a weenie ADHD-preneur with your business systems, covers:

00:00:58 - The Problem with Complicated Payment Systems
00:04:14 - The Impact on Your Business and Clients
00:09:23 - Changing Your Billing System
00:12:03 - Simplifying Your Business
00:14:20 - Importance of Proper Systems
00:15:01 - Creating a Good Client Experience
00:16:38 - Starting Small and Growing
00:18:21 - Choosing the Right System
00:20:54 - Why Simplicity is Key


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