17: ADHD past lives - 'childhood trauma' in adults

17: ADHD past lives - 'childhood trauma' in adults

ADHD past lives and how they can affect your current life!

"As I change jobs, as I go through life, I'm just collecting different ingredients and at some point I'm gonna look at the ingredients that I have collected and it's gonna click and I'm gonna know 'Oh, cool. I'm making a double chocolate German cake." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching


This is the episode for you if you're an ADHD person who's bounced around from job to job and you're frightened it will impact on your business!

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What are ADHD past lives?

ADHD ‘past lives’ refer to the various roles, jobs, and commitments an ADHD person has taken on in their life.

They are reflective of the many changes and transitions we've experienced, often as a result of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and a lack of focus.

The idea of 'past lives' can bring to light the many positive and negative experiences that have shaped an ADHD person’s life!

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Challenges we face as ADHD entrepreneurs thanks to our 'past lives'

As entrepreneurs with ADHD, there are often challenges that are unique to our disorder.

These can include difficulty with planning and executing long-term goals, starting and completing projects, and staying organized.

In addition, due to our history of job-hopping and changing commitments, we may find ourselves lacking in the skills and credibility that comes with staying with a job or project for a long period of time.

The unique skills and credibility we have thanks to our 'past lives'

Despite the challenges, there is also great value in our ‘past lives’. Our ability to learn quickly and adapt to change, our wide range of experiences, and our creative problem-solving skills are just a few of our qualities.

This episode that's all about ADHD 'past lives', covers:

  • How we can process our ADHD past lives
  • What the benefits of our ADHD past lives are
  • The next steps in growing from our ADHD past lives


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Who will get the most out of this episode all about ADHD past lives?

This episode is ideal for anyone who's living with shame attached to their job hopping childhood trauma.

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