79. How ADHD entrepreneurs can find more energy

79. How ADHD entrepreneurs can find more energy

The ADHD Entrepreneur's Guide to Productive Energy and Business Efficiency

Are you sick of finding your meat suit's running on empty before midday? I'm going to talk you through how ADHD entrepreneurs can find more energy!

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

In case you prefer watching me explaining how adhd entrepreneurs can find more energy... video version's above!☝️

In episode 79, I'm diving into something that might sound a bit routine, but trust me, it's the lifeblood of our productivity as an ADHD entrepreneur: energy management.

Today, we're diving into the big-time relevancy of personal wellness. And here's the kicker—it's not just about feeling good, it's about raking in the dough too! So, grab your favorite smoothie and get cozy, because we're about to get super pumped about self-care and productivity—ADHD style!

Energy Amplifying Munchies

I'm pointing it right at ya.

Eat, my friends, eat!

The engine can't purr if the tank's dry.

That's right, nosh on some breakfast with a hefty scoop of protein paired with a side of yummy carbs to kickstart your system.

And remember, protein isn't just your breakfast buddy; it's your ticket to maintaining gusto throughout daylight hours.

Trust me, you won't just feel buzzed; you'll see your to-do list go woosh!

Heart-Pumping Hustle

We need to get your heart-thumping?

Look, I'm not saying you gotta be the next gym guru, but you do need to get that blood pumping and your muscles flexing!

Research has it that lactic acid - yes, that burn when you're channeling your inner Rocky - actually gives our brains that oomph to focus.

Short on time? Squat it out during a coffee break or challenge yourself to a push-up duel with your furry pal.

Hey, every bit helps!

Mindful Mastery

Can we just talk about zoning out? Yes, I hear your groans, but hold up!

Meditation is the secret sauce to calming the chaos in our brain holes.

It's like telling your body, "Hey, chillax, the world's all good."

And that's when your mind chimes in with, "Lights, camera, creativity!"

So go ahead, bask in the simplicity of a grape, or get lost in the sway of those green giants as you forest bath.

It's your brain's bubble bath—all suds, no water.

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Snooze Fest

Admit it. Sleep's the unicorn you chase but never catch, right?

Well, no more chasing, y'all.

Park it in dreamland for a solid seven to nine, and watch the magic unfurl.

Your brain is doing the night shift tidying up so you can crush it come daylight. And naps? They're not for wimps; they're your secret weapon. Power down to power up—it's science, folks!

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Let's hit the proverbial brakes and savor the slow lane.

Ever notice that when you hustle without pause, your creativity gets as crampy as a charley horse?

Well, consider slowing down your jet fuel.

That dog walk without the pings and dings, or that solo lunch date with your avocado toast, it can set you for a win.

Slow your roll to find your flow—it's a tale as old as time.

Rest for Success

And here comes the grand finale - grab granny naps, my Weenies!

No shame in the snooze game; it's what keeps you from turning into a zombie.

Doesn't matter if your fur-baby has midnight misadventures or your kiddos decide to decorate you with their cookies 'n' cream at 2 AM.

Aim for that full-night lullaby but remember: catching up by napping isn't slacking, it's strategic recharging!

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Final thought for you - embracing power naps might just be the business advice you didn't know you needed! Super cozy and wallet-happy!

Now, tell me, what's your go-to trick for amping up your business energy? Share your insider secrets; I'm all ears!

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19:02 Slow down, prioritize wellness, increase creativity, productivity.