How to Vacation Without Neglecting Your Business: Strategies for ADHD Entrepreneurs

Alright folks, today we're diving into a topic so spicy, it's like wasabi on your brain sushi – how to peel yourself away from your entrepreneurial empire without it crumbling like cookies in the hands of an attention-hungry toddler.

In this episode I'm talking about vacay vibes and biz survival.

So buckle up, buttercup, because there's some homework in this one.

And we're about to take a journey into the land of OOO (Out-Of-Office, for those playing at home).

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and your host of "The Weeniecast"!

In case you prefer watching me explain how to vacation as an adhd entrepreneur... video version's above!☝️

Living the Dream While Keeping the Green

Let's get this vacation party started, shall we?

You know, living where tourists flood like ants to spilled lemonade, I've had my share of palm trees and piña coladas without setting foot outside my doorstep.

But does Katie vacay?


I work like a dog because that's where my jam is. And it's where my dog is haha!

However, just because I can happily work through a hurricane without batting an eyelid doesn't mean you should.

So, let's talk about catching those rays without losing the pays.

Prefer to listen rather than reading all this?

Before The 'Last call for boarding' Announcement...

Begin before you leave, you lovely jet-setter.

My life hack for you: Standard Operating Procedures, or as I like to call 'em, the guardrails on the highway to success.

List out everything you do — not in real-time 'cause that's a no-go — but at the end of your day.

That way, when you're sipping that bevvie on the beach, your biz won't take a nosedive into the sand.

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Packing Your Business Suitcase

Fasten your seatbelt, 'cause planning a getaway as a boss is no joke.

Talk to your tribe – aka your clients – let 'em know you won't be around.

They need the 411, and you don't want to leave them high and dry, like a phone without a charger.

And content? Batch it like cookies, my friend.

This includes LinkedIn posts, TikTok vids, Reels and especially podcast episodes and YouTube videos. Believe it or not, this episode was recorded before my vacay.

You'd never know from listening, right?

The world should still know you're the bees' knees even when you're off learnin' to boogie board or tango or whatever tickles your fancy.

No Surprises, Please

And for the love of all things holy, don't try to be a hero with a launch or promo during your vacay.

It can (and will) usually go very wrong.

Even if your ADHD brain is telling you you'll be distracted from sightseeing by the thought of tapping in to your growing community to see how many excited clients you have today!

Launching while away from the safety of your MacBook Pro or Dell is like trying to swim with rocks in your pockets.

Keep the big moves for when you can actually, you know, move.

Post-Vacation Business Spa

Transitioning from hammock to headset is jarring, like waking up thinking it’s Saturday but it's actually Monday.

Plan for a soft landing with simple tasks like sharing your sunburn saga (totally hypothetical) on social media.

Engage lightly, don't make with the hard sell.

Consistency is key — not the rapid-fire catch-up game.

Take the Slow Road Back

Ease your way back into the biz groove.

The post-vacation you isn't going to be revved at 100%, and that's okay.

Allow yourself to be human and pick up where you left off without the guilt-trip backpack.

Your business will thank you, and your brain will give you a gold star for not forcing it to run a marathon right out of the gate.

Now, if you're itching to stop being a weenie and start swimming in the warmer and deeper end of the business ocean, drop by

We'll chat about your wildest dreams and gnarliest business headaches, and get you riding the waves.

Leave me a voice note with your thoughts and I'll share my feedback in a future episode.

Tell me, what's one standard operating procedure you can't live without when you're OOO?

Your answer could be the life raft another entrepreneur needs!

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21:02 Revive your online presence after vacation break.

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