80. How to offboard clients who are TOO SUCCESSFUL WITH YOU!

80. How to offboard clients who are TOO SUCCESSFUL WITH YOU!

In case you prefer watching me explaining how adhd entrepreneurs can offboard clients... video version's above!☝️

The perfect offboarding system for ADHD entrepreneurs to set ex-clients up for continued success!

Oh boy, this episode's topic can be a squirmy one: how to offboard clients who have become too successful with you!

It's about finding balance when your clients just can't get enough of your magic touch but you know they've outgrown you.

It's a delightful problem to have, but still a problem, am I right? 

So let's work together to solve it!

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

The seduction of reliance

First off, a little warning!

While some coaches love creating that clingy client relationship, that’s not my jam.

It's like teaching someone to fish but then tying them to the pier. Nobody wants that. Least of all your client.

So, I'm all about showing you how to empower my clients to avoid getting gobbled up by that fail whale.

Have you ever thought about why establishing independence is crucial for your clients' long-term success?

There's this move we need to dance between nurturing a client's growth and knowing when to let go of them and wave them on to their next phase.

I'm sharing a couple of personal stories in the episode if you want to listen (click play on one of the players on this page) - one involving a client who found personal growth overtaking her business goals, which leads us to question the very definition of success.

And the other one which talks about an interesting business dynamic I have with my podcast producer, who does all the things.

This is counter to how I'd normally work as a service provider, but it works for him and it's ideal for me!

But in case you're more of a reader...

Celebrating your client's achievements

Ok, so you’ve hit the jackpot! Your clients are smashing their goals left, right, and center.

But guess what?

They've got aspirations bigger than Everest and are hungry to put their stamp on the world. And you're realizing they're equipped with everything they need now to make it happen.

It's our role to cheer them on, solo!

Not only is it the ethical thing to do, but it's a sign of your quality as a coach.

Which brings us on to the next part...

Getting the testimonial.

But it's not a simple case of asking them to say nice things about you.

You need to help them with the packaging and set them up for success.

After all, it's their goal to help you get more clients, right?

Make it as easy for them to do that as possible.

You're great at what you do.

They think you're great at what you do.

It's time for them to tell your future clients that you're great at what you do!

But what happens when a client's personal growth overshadows their business success? This happened. I share the story in the episode.

But in summary, I worked with a client who didn't act on the training I gave her. She gave me a gushing testimonial anyway, because the outcome she thought she was going to get wasn't the one she actually got.

Which was clarity and focus on what she actually really wanted!

Don’t Be a Marketing Yo-Yo

Consistency is king. That won't be news to you. Every single person in the world that's read "Marketing for Dummies" (I have no idea if that actually exists but anyhoo!) will tell you this.

Skipping the marketing yo-yo means avoiding the dreaded feast or famine cycles.

I talked more in depth about this on my recent episode about boom and bust.

Here's the link to listen right now if this is a major and regular stop on your struggle bus and you want to pass it from now on!

Assuming you've listened already, let's look at how you can maximize your chances of a successful offboarding situation with your client.

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The Art of Offboarding

Bittersweet is the parting adieu as our clients sail into the sunset. Hey, I need to keep practicing my French so I don't lose it.

Side note - did you catch the video of my producer and I the other day where I explained the subtle difference between English and French when it comes to refrigerators.

Oh my god.

Here it is.

Anyway, back to the point!

Here's the lowdown on offboarding.

Wrapping up with finesse and inviting those much-coveted testimonials without the ick factor.

Creating a smooth offboarding process can be emotional, but it's necessary.

I mean, who doesn’t love a tidy conclusion?

So make sure you do the opposite of what my former Fractional COO did.

Send everything they're gonna need to continue with success, in a simple and clean fashion, whatever that will look like for them.

Got some videos hosted that won't work for them once they've completed with you and you've closed their account?


This is so important.

You do not want a situation where they're complaining about you to their business besties because you've left them more frustrated than a hormonal Hermione when her spells aren't working!

Stay in Your Professional Lane But Do You

I'm friends with all my clients. And that's how I like it. But you do you, boo.

If you want to keep those boundaries clear, then that's goods. But still check-in regularly, my weenies.

Even though we're bonding with outstanding clients when we're working with them, that doesn't have to be the end of our story.

This isn’t summer camp.

We're here to do a job, and do it well.

But staying in contact in way that feels safe and appropriate can help with keeping you front and center in their mind when they're referring their friends to people who can help.

As always, if you need help with understanding any of this, or feel you need me to help you design a strategy that will take care of all of this for you, you know where I am. And if you don't, my contact details are below.

Now, tell me, what's your offboarding process like? Share your perspective; I'm all ears!

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Timestamped Summary:

00:02:12 - The dangers of fostering dependency in our clients.

00:05:20 - The necessity for steady marketing.

00:08:45 - When coaching becomes personal development.

00:12:30 - Maintaining professional boundaries.

00:15:45 - Real-life examples of clients who thrived after completing with me.

00:19:55 - Why referring a client to another coach is sometimes the right move.

00:23:10 - How organized offboarding influences referrals.

00:28:25 - How to ask for GOOD testimonials, without awkwardness.

00:33:40 - The emotional and logistical elements.

00:37:50 - Proactive communication when discussing service cancellations.

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