Ditching the Dreaded Artist Boom and Bust Cycle!

Are you trapped in the artist boom and bust cycle in your business? You know, the one that feels like you're endlessly chasing your tail, crafting offerings that are masterpieces, then hustling like mad to sell 'em?

Totally draining and far from a sustainable hustle, right?

Well, in this episode we're looking into smart strategies that'll flip the script on your creative biz and keep your bank account just as joyous as your creative spirit.

In case you prefer watching me talk about the Boom and bust cycle that can impact our business.. video version's above!☝️

Finding the Magic Beyond the Price Tag

Alright, deep breath now, we're going deep - like lost city of Atlantis deep - into the true essence of our creative services.

Slapping a price on creativity feels icky, right? But here's the kicker: our true value isn't just about the cashola.

Ever scratch your head wondering why one artist's fees are sky-high compared to another's?

I guess it's time for busting myths and tackling the emotional whirlpool of pricing, from the freak-out of financial shame to the highs and lows it brings to both creators and clients. 

Do you feel icky about charging what you're worth? time to vent.

Leave me a voice note with your story around money and I'll give you my thoughts in a future episode.

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the Secrets of High-End Market Mastery

Aiming for the stars in the high-end market isn't about flaunting your ego – it's about savvy biz smarts.

And market research is the queen bee of business strategies.

Dream of being the crème de la crème in your niche?

It's all about understanding your clients' value perception.

I spilled the tea on why being top dog is more than just jacking up your prices, and why the martyrdom mentality of service doesn't have to mean peanuts for pay.

Your fastest path to cash is always going to be one-on-one clients who are paying out of their own pocket to work with you one on one.

Once you have enough money coming in monthly from one on one clients, that's when you can start rolling out a group that is at a lower ticket, that's more affordable to people who can't afford to work with you one on one.

Now, the reason we don't go there first is because if you're just starting out, you don't have the audience for it yet.

Unless you're independently wealthy and you can manage to just kind of hang out and promote your list and post to TikTok and post to Instagram and to LinkedIn all the time and build that audience, you need to be making money along the way. 

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Marketing Mastery: The Secret Sauce for Longevity

Let's talk visibility, peeps, because being seen is the lifeblood of enduring success. It ain't just about the what; it's the how that can make or break you.

Getting into the heart of marketing mastery requires dissecting strategies for the economic whirlwind we're all caught up in.

Thinking of slashing that marketing budget during downturns?

Whoa, Nelly – think again!

A lot of companies, when hard economic times fall on us, which happens fairly regularly because that's how the world works, they panic and they think, okay, cool, where can we cut money?

Where can we cut expenditure within our budget?

Oh, cool, marketing.

We're going to cut marketing.

It seems like kind of a fluffy thing.

And so executives in their panic mode will think, okay, anything that's not delivering a clear return on investment gets cut.

Well, what happens?

They cut the marketing and then the sales team starts struggling because they don't have as many leads. They don't have as many people coming in and buying their stuff.

So then they have to start working harder and harder and harder and then they start not making quota.

Dancing the 'Scale, Fail, Bail' Tango

Scaling fast feels like the dream until you hit a snag – then it's decision time: stick it out or cut and run?

Truth bomb: not every golden idea pans out.

In the episode, I'm talking about embracing the flop as part of the biz journey.

Think of it as business detox – clearing out the duds makes space for the gems.

earning to bow out gracefully without the guilt trip? Pure freedom, baby.

Ever experienced that?

Oh, it's a game-changer.

Read enough and just want to get my help? Contact me here!

Money Talks: Crafting Your Pricing Like a Pro

Who knew squashing bugs could enlighten us on pricing services? But it's true.

Let's take the pest control service that you want to pay thousands of dollars per year to, so you can have a bug free house.

Now compare them with the kids that will take a magnifying glass and burn ants on the sidewalk.

Not saying I agree with them. Yet, essentially, they're doing the same thing, but with different impact.

Now let's ponder – how's your relationship with moolah influencing your pricing moves?

Are you playing small because you're just happy to be here?

Time to unpack how embracing your creative joy in business can become the ultimate client magnet.

Let's get real about valuing our 'art' and ourselves.

Click play on the episode, and I'll talk you through all the ways you, too, can avoid the boom and bust cycle in your business!

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