81. The ADHD sleep hack nobody talks about!

81. The ADHD sleep hack nobody talks about!

In case you prefer watching me explaining the adhd sleep hack I've discovered... video version's above!☝️

Oh my god I'm so excited about bringing this episode to you. It's a topic that touches every part of our lives as 'hustling' entrepreneurs - and I'm going to share with you the ADHD sleep hack I've discovered that ensures you get proper sleep and rest!

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

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Now, back to the episode!

Yep, you read that right, that all-important rest we often shove aside for 'just one more email.'

This episode is all about unravelling the indispensable role that quality sleep and rest plays in our lives.

Sleep and Its Mind-Blowing Health Benefits

When we chat about sleep, it's not just about shutting eyes and laying down.

Sleep, especially for us living with ADHD, is a fundamental pillar for maintaining balance.

It’s about promoting heart health, supporting weight management, and battling the germs by keeping our immune system in check.

Just think about it, managing your weight and keeping heart problems at bay are not just health goals - they're essential parameters that keep us driven towards our business goals.

Taming the ADHD Night-Time Mind

Ever find your brain hopping on a treadmill at night, sprinting through every embarrassing moment or unresolved issue at bedtime?

Redirecting that energy is crucial.

My hack?

Familiar bedtime stories or soothing sound tracks like thunderstorms or even calming brown noise playlists to muffle out the day's chaos.

This background noise helps pull the plug on persistent thoughts and makes room for a peaceful slumber.

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Routines to Boost Night-Time Success

Setting up a sleep-conducive environment is vital.

Limiting caffeine past the late morning and dimming those harsh lights can reprogram your inner clock for better sleep habits.

It's all about syncing with your natural rhythms to enhance your sleep quality.

Remember, your bedroom should be a sanctuary designed for sleep, not a hub of late-night activity.

Guided Sleep Strategies for Deeper Rest

Explore guided meditations or sleep-focused apps, but here’s the catch.. keep them separate from your usual meditation practices to avoid confusing your brain.

The goal is subtle: to lull you into sleep without becoming a trigger for an unplanned nap during your day’s meditation.

It’s like setting a lullaby for your brain, tailored to gently shut down the noise and ease you into restful sleep.

My major hack for ramping up your business success

In the episode, I share the absolute game-changing discovery I made in my business.

I'm not exaggerating. It's led to a huge shift in how I work, and the results I get.

Make sure you watch or listen, using the video player above or any of the audio players on this page.

And let me know if you're planning on introducing this into your daily routine as part of your strategy.

Now, tell me, what's your rest routine? Do you also listen to Harry Potter? I'd love to know!

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Stuff mentioned:

In the episode, I mention a few things for you to check out:

1. UC Davis (ucdavis.edu) - The university where I reads some sleep-related health benefits from.

2. Spotify and Audible - Platforms for listening to audio, such as Harry Potter books or sleep-supportive sounds.

3. Gaia and Calm apps - These are referenced in discussing meditation apps.

4. Gabby Bernstein - Author of the "Super Attractor" meditation app mentioned.

5. Jim Dale - Narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks I recommend for soothing bedtime listening.

6. Jeff Bridges - He has an album called "Sleeping Tapes," which I played a clip from.

Timestamped Summary:

00:00 Sleep improves focus, memory, and accident prevention.

05:51 "Benefits of good sleep are endless, impactful."

07:18 Consistent sleep crucial for those with ADHD.

12:13 Brain replays embarrassing moments, advice not for you.

13:43 Audiobooks provide familiar and soothing escape.

19:25 Be mindful of the type of meditation.

20:25 Use specific meditation for sleep, not multitasking.

24:27 Businesses should support varied personal dream lifestyles.

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