41: The ADHD entrepreneur product launch rollercoaster: what you can learn from my bounce back, Amy Schumer's comedy and Jen Sincero's book!

41: The ADHD entrepreneur product launch rollercoaster: what you can learn from my bounce back, Amy Schumer's comedy and Jen Sincero's book!

Navigating ADHD and executive dysfunction in business

In this episode, I'll be discussing how I'm bouncing back from a disastrous launch due to my ADHD. I'll share how my executive dysfunction and overcomplicated plan contributed to my own failure. I'll explain how I dealt with the situation, kept my audience informed, admitting my mistakes and received supportive emails. And how despite my initial fear of being seen as a failure, I embrace my ADHD and share how I'm using it to recover and relaunch.

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I experienced massive amounts of rejection sensitivity dysphoria after admitting to a mistake in my business program launch. I was convinced that people would see me as a failure, even though my audience would never do that. I know this. But RSD was fired up and raw.

This sensitivity to rejection caused me to feel activated and anxious about admitting that I did something wrong. However, I was determined to bounce back from this setback and recover from it.

If you haven’t yet listened to my previous episode, go do that first.

This one will make more sense if you do.

After recording that episode, I took a week off to rest and recharge because I was exhausted and a little burned out. I realized that when I was tired and lacking creativity, it was difficult for me to come up with a strategy and plan for promoting my program.

This episode tells the story of how I managed to center and regroup.

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A supportive community

The overall response from my audience was supportive.

I mean, I don’t know why I’m surprised at that – I shouldn’t be. 

More and more people responded positively to my admitting my mistakes and correcting them.

Listen to the episode to find out my big learning moment from this whole experience, and how you can use it to ensure you don't make the same mistake!

This story is NOT for Kim kardashian's ears

Hey listen, it's been very healing sharing this story with you my delightful weenie listeners. But I wouldn't be sharing it with Kim Kardashian. You'll learn why if you listen to the episode.

I also mention why I think Amy Schumer is a badass when it comes to this perfectly imperfect stuff. Oh, and talking about badasses... love you, Jen Sincero.

If you haven't listened to her book yet, check it out, here.

(Not an affiliate link. I just love her book!)



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The key moments in this episode are:


[00:01:22] Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria.

[00:05:20] Permission to screw up.

[00:08:41] Admitting mistakes builds trust.

[00:11:39] Self-help books and vulnerability.

[00:15:09] Neurodivergent friendly projects.

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