49. What is ADHD entrepreneurship? Patience and faith!

49. What is ADHD entrepreneurship? Patience and faith!

What is ADHD entrepreneurship? It's unlocking your business potential by embracing patience and faith!

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Hey lovely weenie! Welcome to another episode of The Weeniecast - the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs seeking business strategies.

I'm your host Katie McManus

This episode I'm asking "What Is ADHD entrepreneurship?" and suggesting it's actually about having patience and faith.

I'll be discussing with you the importance of patience and faith when starting a business, particularly for individuals with ADHD. 

I'll be emphasizing the need for realistic expectations and consistency, debunking the allure of instant success promoted by certain business gurus.

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The game of faking high cost luxury

In a world dominated by instant gratification, it is easy to become discouraged when immediate results are not achieved in business. The host reflects on the influence of social media and the portrayal of lavish lifestyles by some influencers, revealing the extent to which these individuals can fabricate success.

I will be sharing all the tactics used by fake business gurus, and uncovering the truth behind their seemingly luxurious lifestyles.

Nothing is what it seems!

From obtaining private jets for those instagram perfect photos to utilizing designer rental services, these individuals craft an illusion of opulence to impress their audience and elicit trust in their business acumen.

But don't worry - I'm here to lift the curtain on their parlour tricks for you!

Don't be distracted by your doubt!

The episode will highlight how fake business gurus often try to instill doubt in their audience, making them question their own abilities and strategies.

By casting doubt and creating a sense of inadequacy, these influencers manipulate aspiring entrepreneurs into seeking their guidance and products.

Let's put an end to their ability to manipulate you so brutally. Share this episode with any other business owners that you think would benefit from a little truth around the contrapreneurs that prey on unsuspecting ADHD entrepreneurs.


The key moments in this episode are:

[00:01:49] Consistency is key; unrealistic expectations are harmful.

[00:09:27] Sure, engagement is good but where are the clients?

[00:13:35] Lost in woods and why it's a valuable business lesson for you.

[00:18:05] Optimize strategies for our ADHD brains in business.

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