65. What does an ADHD business coach do to help entrepreneurs?

65. What does an ADHD business coach do to help entrepreneurs?

Forgive me for being just a little excited about this one, but in today's frickin' awesome episode of The Weeniecast, I'm sharing what it is that I do as an ADHD business coach.

And because there aren't that many of us around, I get to feel quite special!

Hi! I'm Katie McManus, ADHD entrepreneur business strategist and money mindset coach.

And welcome to "The Weeniecast."

The Impact of ADHD-Focused Business Coaching on Entrepreneurial Success

Let me tell you, as someone who's deep in the trenches of the ADHD business scene, I've always known the regular, boring-as-hell methods just don't cut it for us entrepreneurs who've sometimes got brains buzzing like a hive of hyperactive bees.

This episode is all about tearing apart why those one-size-fits-all business plans are a big fat nope for us folks who struggle with impulse control and can't seem to stay focused if our lives depended on it.

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Success, ADHD-Style: Crafting Your Own Damn Rulebook!

I've watched way too many brilliant ADHD peeps get totally bummed out by stiff structures and strategies that might as well be straightjackets.

We're talking about battling the whole shebang - from the hell of time management to chasing every shiny thing that catches our eye.

Personalization isn't just some nice-to-have; it's freakin' essential for us ADHD entrepreneurs.

Screw trying to squish our brains into neurotypical boxes!

ADHD Business Coaching: Because Normal is Boring

We need custom strategies – ones that weave the wild tapestries of our lives right into our business models.

We gotta look at the big picture – our income goals, our dream lifestyles, our sporadic strokes of genius, and yeah, the faceplants we're bound to take – to create a business environment where we can thrive and be our vibrant, zany selves.

Snagging Quick Wins & Building a Biz That Fits YOU

I'll be talking through my process and sharing some kick-ass stories of clients who didn't just hit their goals; they blew them out of the water, finding financial success while juggling the ADHD chaos.

These aren't just wins; they're blazing a trail for the rest of our community.

I'm all about getting quick, tangible results – that sweet, sweet 'dopamine drip' that keeps us going.

We also get into the nitty-gritty, like tackling our special brand of 'screw you' frustration and flipping rejection on its head to make us feel like unstoppable badasses.

Have a listen and learn why I'm here to help every single client carve out their path, one that doesn’t just spell success but resonates with the crazy, beautiful complexity of an ADHD brain.

Timestamped summary

00:00 Supporting ADHD business owners: tailored, not typical.

04:05 ADHD entrepreneurs struggle with program fit, and doubt creeps in.

12:32 Brene Brown: Leader & expert.

15:48 Develop your phone and interview skills to succeed.

19:30 ADHD and impulse challenges in business management.

22:08 Tailored coaching for long-term business success.

25:31 Personal life impacts business; emotions affect success.

28:58 Design business with specific life and strategy.

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