Follow singer Adele through those "Sliding Doors" and become a successful ADHD Entrepreneur, Today!

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We're going to talk about the 'sliding doors' moment that confronts ADHD entrepreneurs. And to do it, we're going to examine singer Adele's experiences.

I'll be explaining why it's so dang important to take action now rather than wait for the perfect moment!

I'll be explaining the significant positive impact of starting a business before the new year versus waiting until January, like everyone else! So if you've been sitting on the fence about starting, you need to listen to this episode, now! 

I'm Katie McManus, your business strategist and money mindset coach. This is the latest episode of The Weeniecast, the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs looking to level up their business strategies.

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The impact of timing on your business growth

Let's talk about the impact of your timing and decisions on your business growth, particularly when it comes to delaying the start of any business endeavor.

There's never a good time to start building a business, but the sooner you get going, the sooner you can begin the process of laying a solid foundation for future success.

We'll use the theme of the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie "Sliding Doors" to make the case against waiting until January 1 to start your business. 

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Overcoming Fear and Taking Action

Fear and self-doubt are a couple of the things that contribute to us being massive weenies about our business start ups.

These are common apprehensions that otherwise would-be successful, winning, ADHD entrepreneur superstars face when venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship.

I'm going to be drawing parallels with learning to ride a bike and Adele's stage fright in this episode to bring it home to you that if you confront your fears and take action,  embrace the inevitability of failure and push through discomfort, you'll reach your goals.

Start before you're feeling fully prepared.

Never underestimate the value of iterative learning and the potential for growth through experience.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:38 Choose action now, not waiting until 2024.

03:32 Building a niche, and creating an offer with any marketing strategy takes time.

08:23 Focus on your niche through market research.

11:07 Start your business with the right guidance so you can start attracting clients.

13:56 September: why it's significant in any business!

18:17 Take action to create your life story.

22:49 Sales calls seldom involve rejection; choose wisely.

25:52 Discussing obstacles and options for business development.

27:25 Your choice to take action or wait.


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