26: Three ADHD entrepreneur mojo boosting energetic income strategies

26: Three ADHD entrepreneur mojo boosting energetic income strategies

What's your strategy for boosting your mojo when you're being a 'weenie'?

"Learning a new thing is a great way to infuse more excitement and motivation into your business." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching


Get your business mojo back!

In this episode, we explore what to do when you've lost your mojo in your business. From starting a business to paying the bills, it can be hard to stay inspired. Particularly if you have ADHD and you're acting a little like a weenie. And so in this episode we're talking about how to get your mojo back. We're going to find out just how easy it can be to get stuck in a cycle of feeling like you're never ready. Find out what to do when you've lost your mojo and prepare to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.



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Recuperating after Burnout

Have you heard of regaining mojo through energetic income?

Have you ever thought about volunteering as an entrepreneur with lost motivation?

You may have heard that it's impossible to stay energized, that volunteering is time-consuming, and that it won't make a difference to your business - but I'm here to share the truth!

And that is, that losing motivation in business can sometimes be linked to burnout, a state of mental and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress.

As entrepreneurs juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, it's not uncommon for them to experience feelings of overwhelm and fatigue.

To regain your mojo, it's crucial to identify the factors contributing to burnout and focus on implementing strategies to restore your energy and enthusiasm. This can include reevaluating your work-life balance, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care activities that help you recharge and reconnect with your passion for your business.

In this episode of the Weeniecast, I'm acknowledging the challenges many entrepreneurs face when they're in a state of burnout and recommending some ways of focusing on energetic income. 


This episode that's all about ADHD entrepreneur mojo boosting, covers:

· Discover ways to regain your mojo through energetic income and volunteering.

· Explore avenues for seeking new learning opportunities to boost your business growth.

· Learn to prioritize self-care as a means of preventing burnout and sustaining motivation.

· Grasp techniques for staying organized and delegating tasks to ward off overwhelm.

· Unlock the potential of mixing up business strategies and embracing collaboration for fresh ideas.


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