9: Transcendental meditation mantras? You're ADHD! Let's start slow!

9: Transcendental meditation mantras? You're ADHD! Let's start slow!

ADHD entrepreneur - time for a much needed time out! 

"I really want to talk about what is your energetic care kit that you can employ whenever you need to switch gears or to reset yourself when you have had a completely ADHD moment, hour day, whatever, and need to return to factory settings." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

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Switching gears can be hard as is. But when you're an ADHD entrepreneur, you need a system!

Every now and then, you need a system to help you switch gears!

And, a big part of that is getting cool with your spiritual side.

Now whether that's your religion, or something a bit more 'kooky' and 'out there' as some would put it - so be it.

Lean in to whatever that means to you.

In this episode, I'll be talking through the three things you need to be giving space to as part of your energetic care kit.

This episode covers:

  • What spirituality can be for you as an ADHD entrepreneur
  • How you can use that spirituality 
  • My own system for getting down with my spiritual side
  • The raisin exercise
  • The three core vitals of self-care
  • How even my mom brags about her energetic care kit! Thanks Peloton!

By the way, if you want to take an extra step out of the weenie and into the winning this week, why not check out my special ADHD meditation exercise.

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Who will get the most out of this episode about the ADHD Energetic Care Kit?

If you're finding you constantly beat yourself up because your ADHD brain means you're always struggling to knuckle down on different tasks, this is the episode for you!

I will be talking you through the three areas of your life that will definitely benefit from a bit of focus and attention.

Get ready to massively level-up your spiritual and physical health with this episode (and the bonus ADHD meditation that accompanies this episode and is exclusively for our ADHD-preneur community members)!

How you, the ADHD entrepreneur, can take action today!

As you're reading this, and about to click play, I urge you to do a few things.

  1. Keep an open mind - particularly if the idea of meditation fills you with panic because you have ADHD and believe that it means your ADHD brain has to think of nothing!
  2. Grab a pen and pad or a digital note taking device. Alternatively, print out the transcript linked above. There are some decent gold nuggets in here that can help your mental well-being.
  3. Don't start a plan to go all in on exercise for New Year. (We have an upcoming episode for New Year's Day that will talk you through a better solution!) Take the tips in this episode to ease in gently!

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Can't wait to see you in there!

About Katie McManus

Katie McManus was trained in Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Development at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.

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