50. The problem with ADHD entrepreneurs intellectualizing emotions

50. The problem with ADHD entrepreneurs intellectualizing emotions

Strategies for managing emotions as an adhd entrepreneur!

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Do you intellectualize your emotions? 

Hey lovely weenie! Welcome to another episode of The Weeniecast - the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs seeking business strategies. I'm your host Katie McManus

As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of starting a business and dealing with the pressure and expectations that come with it, I understand the importance of addressing our emotional well-being.

We often get so caught up in the intellectual side of things, trying to make sense of our feelings, that we neglect to actually process and release them. 

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Don't be intellectualizing emotions!

It's essential for ADHD entrepreneurs to learn how to fully feel and process their emotions, both the good and the bad.

By doing so, we not only gain a better understanding of ourselves, but also enhance our ability to connect with others and build successful businesses.

Emotions should not be seen as obstacles to success, but rather as tools that can support and guide us on our entrepreneurial journey.

I, myself, have had to to the work on this thanks to PTSD caused by a brain injury, and I recognize the importance of therapy in supporting my business endeavors.

Do you know, children with ADHD often struggle to communicate their emotions effectively, leading to emotional dysregulation?

Many individuals with ADHD learn to intellectualize their emotions rather than process them fully, resulting in trapped energy and unresolved feelings.

This can be detrimental to both personal and professional growth.

The stigma around your natural emotions when you have adhd

The episode highlights the misconceptions and stigma surrounding emotions, particularly in the business world.

Emotions are often seen as obstacles to success rather than valuable tools for understanding and connecting with others.

Katie challenges this perspective, highlighting the importance of embracing the full range of emotions to live a fulfilling life and run a successful business.

She acknowledges the difficulty of processing negative emotions but emphasizes the necessity of doing so in order to fully experience positive emotions like joy and love.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:52 What really helps when coping with trauma and stress.

00:03:18 Crying is stigmatized; emotions are intellectualized.

00:07:02 Children's movie showcases importance of emotional intelligence.

00:12:03 Acceptable reasons to take time off work. 00:15:41 Thrift shop finds to help process emotions.

00:17:53 Don't suppress emotions, ignore false promises.

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