A hyperfocus highlight episode: The adhd Tax

Welcome to a hyper-focused episode of the Weeniecast, where we tackle the real cost of 'the ADHD tax' on entrepreneurs.

In this episode, I, Katie McManus, a business strategist and money mindset coach, will delve into the ways in which individuals with ADHD may find themselves spending unnecessary amounts of money, energy, and time, due to their unique ways of doing things.

The ADHD tax can have a significant impact on the lives of us ADHD entrepreneurs.

Listen as we explore this very real threat to your entrepreneurship when you have ADHD.

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This call will help you explore your goals, dreams, and frustrations, and if it's a fit, discuss ways to work together. Get ready to tackle not only the ADHD tax, but your other financial goals within ADHD entrepreneurship. 

And if you enjoy this specially abridged episode, you can hear the full version of it by clicking here.