73. Stranger Things We Think Are Causing Problems In Our Business

73. Stranger Things We Think Are Causing Problems In Our Business

Are you an ADHD entrepreneur who thinks something's holding you back in your business? Heads up. This episode is about the 'stranger things' that we think are causing problems in our business... but might not be! 

In case you prefer watching me talk about the stranger things we think are holding us back.. video version's above!☝️

The Secret Sauce of Being 'Unapologetically You' in Business

Oh boy, let me spill the beans on my client Joyce and her adventure with sales calls.

There’s this magical thing called being real – you know, authenticity.

It’s such an undervalued quality in business, especially for us ADHD entrepreneurs.

When you’re 100% you, everything clicks into place. But the moment you start playing dress-up with someone else’s voice, things get a little 'wonky'.

And what takes the hit?

Yep, your sales.

I’m all about DIY content – it’s like your secret handshake in every message.

Imagine the bond you forge when your words are unmistakably yours.

But here’s the head-scratcher: why do we get stage fright showing our true colors?

Could this be the hurdle in reaching our business dreams? Food for thought, eh?

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Clarity Is King (Or Queen)

Wanna hear the saga of my producer pal Neal – or as we're calling him, Steve, for the sake of this week's tale?

He was running in circles with clients who just couldn’t catch his drift.

It turned out, a fog of vague expectations was the mind-flayer getting in his way.

We chewed over the magic of knowing your audience like your favorite song and laying out your goals like Joyce's Christmas lights.

Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions?

Could a foggy lens be derailing your journey?

Here’s a nugget – what seems like broad daylight to us might be as clear as mud to others.

Think about what you're offering as the next step to your potential clients, so you don't leave them thinking that there isn't one!

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Money on the Table: The Interim Offer

So, back to Neal – ahem, Steve – and his noble stance to only take money for work he’s passionate about.

Admirable, but might he be waving goodbye to golden chances?

Picture this: what if he dished out a mini-service on the spot?

This genius move – offering to fine-tune their ideas for a fee – could be a win-win.

They leave with more clarity, and Steve doesn’t miss out on the moolah.

It’s clear as day: clarity and cash are BFFs in my ADHD business playbook.

Ever pondered the wonders an interim offer could do for you?

Might be the piece you never knew you were missing.

Consistency Over Platform Hopping

Now, let’s chat about my buddy Hopper and his digital tug-of-war.

Picture trying to leapfrog from stone to stone across a creek, but every stone’s a new platform.

My dude 'Hop's been swapping platforms like socks, not realizing it’s not about where you shout, but what you say.

I tossed him this wisdom like Hopper tossed Dustin the walkie-talkie: consistency is your ride-or-die.

Craft stellar content and stick to your guns, and you’ll gather your tribe, no matter your stage.

It’s the million-dollar question – why bail before our master plan takes root?

Could this also be the sneaky saboteur in your playbook?

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The Allure of the 'Cool Crowd'

This takes us to ‘Eleven’ and her obsession with LinkedIn, the virtual hangout of the ‘in-crowd,’ despite it being as good a fit as socks on one of my neighbor's roosters for her.

Us ADHD brains sometimes get caught up in proving we can hang with the latest and greatest.

But here’s the deal – trying to blend in isn’t always where we shine.

Could we be tripping ourselves up, chasing after the ‘cool’ at the cost of what actually works?

It’s like yearning for a spot in the Hawkins A.V. Club when you’re meant to rock out solo.

My two cents?

March to the beat of your own drum and watch your business universe expand.

The Philosophy of 'No'

Let’s cut to the chase – 'no' is its own full stop.

In our heart-to-hearts, we wade through the idea that dancing around every objection on sales calls might just be chasing our tails.

That outright 'no' from a prospect?

Often, it’s their book closing.

This got me thinking – why do we beat around the bush instead of taking a 'no' at face value?

It’s like obsessing over whether someone likes your favorite flick – unnerving, right? I mean, it did lead to me watching The Princess Bride, but it's just weird when someone checks in to ensure you're loving the same stuff as them!

Maybe embracing the 'no' could declutter the business strategy labyrinth?

Perhaps ‘no’ isn’t the villain but rather the secret passage to more doors swinging wide open.

Wrapping up, remember, sometimes it’s the quirkiest bits that light the way.

If you’re entangled in your business strategy, hit me up – let’s sketch out your roadmap to success.

And just for kicks, ever wonder about the origins of 'tit for tat'? 😉

The world's full of wonders.

Till our next chat, let your unique quirks lead the way – they might just be the key to your next big breakthrough.

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