38: Overcoming business breaking points: An ADHD Entrepreneur's Guide

38: Overcoming business breaking points: An ADHD Entrepreneur's Guide

From plateau to prosperity: overcoming growth roadblocks with delegation

"The things that are in your comfort zone right now were the things that could get you here to this point in your business. They are not the things that will get you to the next level in your business." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

Ready to kick that business plateau in the butt and soar to dizzying heights of success?

Tired of feeling like you're in an endless game of Whack-a-Mole with business tasks?

Get ready, my ADHD business buttercup!

It's time to put an end to this do-it-all-yourself madness and start living in the fast lane of business growth.

I've got some nuggets of wisdom to share on how to shake off the chains of overwhelm and get that sweet taste of success.

Let's say toodle-oo (is this my British producer's accent rubbing off on me? haha!) to burnout and hello to flourishing like there's no tomorrow.



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The Do-It-All-itis Epidemic

If you're an entrepreneur, particularly of the ADHD variety, you might be intimately familiar with the urge to have a finger in every business pie.

This do-it-all mania, my friends, can turn into a major speed bump on the road to success.

Juggling more balls than a circus performer?

Hello, burnout!

But, hey! Guess what?

There's a magic word that can save us all!

And it's not even a complicated one like in Harry Potter hahaha! 

It's called 'delegation'.

It's time to trust in the prowess of others and put those control freak tendencies on the back burner.

 Yours truly is here to tell you why getting over do-it-all-itis and embracing delegation is a VIP ticket to success.

So, how about we reserve our energy for the stuff only we can ace, and let's let others handle the nitty-gritty! Then, we can focus on the big picture!

Mastering The Art of Systems

One word: systems.

Yep, as unsexy as it sounds, these babies are the secret to running a smooth operation and keeping overwhelm at bay.

ADHD entrepreneurs, this is your sign to jump on the Asana and Trello bandwagon, and give time-blocking a whirl.

With the right systems in place, you can keep your ship sailing smoothly, and hit those business milestones with less stress and more success.


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The $200,000 Plateau Blues

Ah, the dreaded revenue plateau.

After all that blood, sweat, and tears to hit the $150,000 to $250,000 mark, your business decides to take a siesta.

But guess what?

It's not a sign of doom, but a normal pit-stop on the road to entrepreneurial success.

Recognizing this hiccup for what it is, a natural part of the journey, can equip us to tackle it head-on.

In this week's Weeniecast episode, we'll get real about these breaking points and plot strategies to smash through these hurdles.

So, if you're ready to conquer the obstacles blocking your path, buckle up for a wild ride to greater success!



This episode that's all about ADHD 'breaking points' covers:

  • Identifying key challenges and growth opportunities for ADHD business owners.
  • Developing the ability to delegate tasks and free up mental bandwidth for greater success.
  • How to recognize the pitfalls of staying within your comfort zone and how to keep progressing. 
  • Why you need to hone in on strategies for effectively tackling overwhelm and staying organized. 
  • Empowering yourself with self-belief and understand the value of networking and support.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:51 - Plateauing at $200,000
00:03:25 - Do-It-All-itis
00:08:16 - Handing Things Off
00:13:58 - Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone
00:16:18 - Money Mindset and Business Model
00:19:56 - Creating and Managing Systems
00:23:10 - Time Management
00:26:57 - Overcoming Self-Doubt

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