64. New Year, new you? Nope! Not for ADHD entrepreneurs. Here's why!

64. New Year, new you? Nope! Not for ADHD entrepreneurs. Here's why!

In the latest episode of The Weeniecast, I delve into the common misconception of "New Year, New You," debunking the notion that the turning of the calendar will inherently bring about personal change.

'Noping' New Year's Resolutions: The ADHD Entrepreneur's Guide to Lasting Change!

Hey there! With 2024 now here, many of us are gearing up for the annual ritual of getting stuck into our New Year's resolutions. But before you dive headfirst into the same old routine, let's reframe our approach.

I'm sharing strategies to help ADHD entrepreneurs set achievable goals for the new year, so let's jump in!

Hi! I'm Katie McManus, ADHD entrepreneur business strategist and money mindset coach.

And I'm here to explore the pitfalls of conventional New Year’s resolutions and emphasize the necessity of creating tangible, lasting changes to facilitate goal attainment.

I discuss the value of setting a word or intention for the year and stress the need for physical representations and consistent reminders to maintain focus.

Listen now - it's episode 64!

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Rethinking New Year's Resolutions: New Year, Same You

As the new year approaches, the pressure to reinvent ourselves can be overwhelming. But here's the thing – the calendar flipping to January won't magically transform us unless we make intentional changes. Instead of setting vague resolutions, I'm all about creating momentum and fundamental change. It's about finding strategies that work and ditching the ones that don't. Motivation isn't the key – it's all about discipline and laying the groundwork for actual change.

Finding a Word or Setting an Intention for the Year

Many people like to find a word or set an intention for the year. It's a way of symbolizing personal growth and spiritual awakening. But here's the catch – setting a word or intention without a tangible reminder can lead to forgetfulness and eventual abandonment of our resolutions. Pro Tip: Creating a physical representation of your word or intention is key to staying on track. I'll share practical tips to keep your chosen word or intention visible and top of mind throughout the year.

The Power of Intentions Over Goals

Goals can oftentimes become overwhelming, leading to an all-or-nothing mindset. Instead, setting intentions provides flexibility and allows for rationalization, ultimately leading to a more forgiving approach to personal growth and change. Insight: We'll explore why setting intentions can be more sustainable and impactful than rigid, all-encompassing goals. Plus, I'll share my personal experience with setting an intention that led to transformative changes in my life.

Prioritizing Structural Changes for Goal Achievement

Setting a goal is one thing, but committing to the necessary actions and making structural changes to support those actions is the missing piece in goal attainment. For someone with ADHD, like many entrepreneurs, investing in the tools and guidance needed to reach those goals is crucial. Key Point: I'll delve into the importance of setting oneself up for success by making the necessary investments and adjustments, and how these changes can elevate one's ability to achieve significant goals.

Sleep and Its Impact on Goal Setting

I'll share a personal anecdote about prioritizing sleep to showcase the profound effect it had on my overall well-being and career. Understanding the importance of rest and making it a priority can be a game-changer in propelling one toward their aspirations. Did you know that those with ADHD may require more sleep than neurotypicals? I'll shed light on the link between sleep and managing ADHD symptoms to maximize productivity and business performance.

Setting Goals Around Actions, Not Just Results

Jim Carrey famously wrote himself a check for $10 million, and through dedication and action, manifested his desired income. I'll unravel why setting goals centered on actions is crucial and how it can propel us towards our desired outcomes. Setting actionable goals provides a clear roadmap for progress and success, and I'll discuss the significance of investing in guidance and support to navigate uncharted territories, ultimately paving the way for goal achievement.

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