How to price offerings so you make 7 figures! - listen in on an actual coaching session with a client! (Unbleeped Bonus episode)

How to price offerings so you make 7 figures! - listen in on an actual coaching session with a client! (Unbleeped Bonus episode)

Listen in on an actual coaching call with me!

*Warning: contains explicit language*

In this bonus episode of "The Weeniecast", I'm sharing an opportunity to come behind the scenes with me for an actual coaching session.

Hi, I'm Katie McManus, ADHD business strategist and money mindset coach.

I help entrepreneurs like you make more money, more quickly.

With permission of my podcast producer Neal Veglio, I'm going to demonstrate exactly how I do that, with one example coaching call we recorded recently.

Neal is a seasoned podcast producer with a vision for monumental growth and a heart for client success.

Neal's journey is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet; for him, success translates to financial freedom and the euphoria of client triumphs.

But even visionaries need direction.

In this audio, you'll hear our candid discussions on setting goals, adopting innovative business models, and overcoming entrepreneurial hurdles.

Now obviously every call is different.

But it's our hope that you listen to this and take some inspiration for your own business journey, in order to become the successful ADHD entrepreneur you're born to be.

Now, fair warning - this episode is quite raw as we wanted to give you the most authentic experience while listening, so you could feel like you were in the call with us.

For that reason, there might be one or two unbleeped swears.

If after listening you feel ready to experience a session more tailored to your own situation, feel free to book yourself in for a free initial generate income strategy call with me.

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Timestamped Summary:

00:00:45 – Neal's vision for entrepreneurial growth and his personal definition of success

00:04:12 – Neal's passion for client success and managing entrepreneur burnout

00:07:55 – Katie's journaling advice for tapping into heart-led leadership and intuition

00:09:30 – Discussion on goal setting and what success looks like for Neal

00:12:18 – Crafting the plan for franchising and systemizing podcast production

00:15:46 – Strategies for business model innovation and protection from market replication

00:19:21 – Katie shares her journey to securing her first podcast clients

00:22:57 – The long-lasting impact of podcast episodes and audience growth

00:25:03 – Identifying and attracting the ideal client for scalable revenue growth

00:30:45 – Warning signs in prospective clients and readiness for the limelight

00:35:17 – The psychological impact of an entrepreneur's belief in self and their business

00:41:29 – Neal's confrontation with self-doubt and strategies to overcome it

00:45:15 – Implementing a membership model for podcast producers and pricing strategies

00:51:34 – Neal's consulting offers, pricing adjustments, and value perception

00:58:42 – Shifting marketing focus and strategies to appeal to desired clients

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