72. How to channel your ADHD creativity for better sales savvy!

72. How to channel your ADHD creativity for better sales savvy!

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to channel your ADHD creativity for better sales in your business?

In this episode, I'm sharing some insights on how I'd approach it, using three of my former companies where I worked sales, as real life examples.

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In case you prefer watching me talk about channelling adhd creativity for sales.. video version's above!☝️

Harnessing ADHD for Your Sales Strategy:

Hey there, Katie McManus here, and I've been mulling over this idea that really gets my brain buzzing – how can we, the energized, ever-innovative ADHD entrepreneurs, leverage our ADHD creativity to become more sales savvy?

I just wanna name that it's no secret that our ADHD brains are wired for creative bursts and out-of-the-box thinking.

But the real magic happens when we channel this into strategies that not only make our offers irresistible but also resonate on a personal level with our customers.

Today, I'm excited to take you on a journey through the weaving paths of creativity and sales, and all the unexpected places they intersect.

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Solar Power Sales: A Comedy Series?

So let's kick it off with solar power – it’s hot (pun intended), it’s green, it’s the future, right? But here's a pitch for you - solar panels and comedy.

Ok, hold up!

I mean, who says educating homeowners about solar energy has to be all stats and no fun?

Picture this, videos that make you chuckle while busting myths about solar power.

Plus, joining hands with businesses in the sector to spread the light (see what I did there?).

And I'm curious, how would you infuse humor into an educational talk about solar energy?

Let that thought simmer like the putty around your panels.

If that hasn't sparked up your ADHD creativity, I don't know what will!

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LinkedIn – The Personal Branding Powerhouse

Moving on to a platform that’s been my personal gold mine – LinkedIn.

It's more than just a resume showcase; it’s where I craft my personal brand.

Here's the inside scoop: share stories, sprinkle in some sales wisdom, and voilà, you're not just a profile, you're a brand.

Now, think about what quirky personal anecdote could spice up your LinkedIn presence?

There's a world out there eager to see the real, relatable you.

If you'd like some inspo from my own LinkedIn posts, here's my home on the 'din.

Empathy in Marketing: The Internet Security Tool Analogy

And speaking of relatable, let's chat about empathy in marketing.

Years ago I worked in a company promoting an Internet security tool.

Imagine positioning a product in a way that isn't about fear-mongering, but about understanding and alleviating genuine customer fears.

It's like saying, "Hey, I get it, the internet can be a spooky place – let's make it safer together."

Curious yet about how empathy might change your marketing message?

Give it a ponder.

The Regret-Reshape Strategy

Oh, the things I wish I had done – we’ve all got a list, right?

I've had that facepalm moment for not offering more entrepreneurial sales training in the past.

But here's a reframe for you: use those regrets to fuel new opportunities.

What if you looked back at missed chances not with remorse but as a blueprint for what you can offer now?

Go on, I bet there's a brilliant idea there waiting for you.

By the way, if you're reading this and you work for a corporate that's looking to ramp up your sales teams' efforts, book yourself in for a free initial strategy call.

Here's the link to do it!

The Power of Niche Networking

Now, let's talk about the golden goose – niche networking.

I host this fab Friday call where like-minds dish out sharp insights.

It's the kind of environment where ADHD entrepreneurs don’t just survive, we thrive.

Ever thought about the value of connecting with a community that truly gets you? The energy is off the charts, my friend.

Why not take a moment to consider who your dream networking group would include?

Social Media Strategy: Gym Goals to Business Wins

And lastly, let's flex our social media muscles with this one – think about a high-end fitness club like Equinox.

How would you sell that experience on Instagram or TikTok?

For me, it's about personal stories, hitting those gym goals, and showing your journey.

It’s this authentic sharing that helps build those deeper connections.

Curious how your personal fitness journey could level up your business game?

There you have it, my weenie warriors!

A walk through the vivid landscape where ADHD business strategy meets creativity in sales.

Each topic we covered today is a stepping stone towards not just growing your business, but creating a brand that's as dynamic as you are.

So now, think about how these ideas might fuel your next big sales move.

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