ADHD and goal-centred discipline

Hey there, it's Katie McManus here, and in this episode of The Weeniecast, I dive into a topic that I get asked about all the time: how to build discipline when you have ADHD.

It's a question that many people with ADHD struggle with, especially when the traditional idea of discipline feels out of reach.

We need to let go of the vision of perfect discipline and understand that for individuals with ADHD, discipline looks different.

It's goal-centred, built in sprints, and relies on momentum rather than motivation.

I use the example of building a workout routine to illustrate this point.

Instead of overwhelming ourselves with complex fitness plans, we need to set low expectations and celebrate the small wins.

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I'm Katie McManus, your business strategist and money mindset coach. This is the latest episode of The Weeniecast, the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs looking to level up their business strategies.


The key moments in this episode are:

00:37 Let go of perfect routines, embrace flexibility.

05:54 Failure in gym breeds avoidance and self-doubt. Building discipline requires low expectations for success.

06:49 Routine creates progress, friends, and hope.

11:34 Balloon floats unpredictably, people play drunk game.

15:26 Change up cardio routine, evolve and adapt.

18:48 Entertaining axe reviews and legit personal trainer.

20:52 Get involved, make it fun, succeed.

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