85. How procrastination gets in the way of wealth!

85. How procrastination gets in the way of wealth!

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Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by procrastination, knowing exactly what needs to be done but unable to do it? I’ve been there.

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

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Now, back to the episode!

In this episode we're getting deep into the murky waters of ADHD and procrastination!

A common challenge for us ADHD business owners.

One pressing question I receive frequently is: "Katie, how do I prevent myself from procrastinating?"

The truth is, I don’t always succeed.

As a business owner with ADHD, I face the same battles as my clients.

In this episode, I highlight some of the major challenges ADHD entrepreneurs face, from the pressures of self-imposed perfectionism to the frustrating cycle of executive dysfunction.

By sharing my vulnerabilities and the shame that comes from missed deadlines and unmet expectations, I aim to reassure you that you're not alone in this struggle and to provide tips that have helped me along the way.

After listening, you’ll gain valuable insights into managing your energy and building a more ADHD-friendly business.

You'll learn the importance of quitting work at the right time, so you can maximize your dopamine supply.

We’ll also explore the challenges of hiring the right people and how to bounce back when you've hired wrong.

And most importantly, we'll discuss how to shake off the toxic belief that rest must be earned—a concept that goes hand-in-hand with creating a sustainable, successful business.

Listen in for strategies that can help you turn your procrastination from a crippling hurdle into a manageable part of your entrepreneurial journey.

Timestamped summary

00:00 Struggle of running a business with ADHD.

04:13 Reward motivates, small tweaks lead to success.

08:54 Organizing tasks by dopamine levels improves productivity.

12:24 Trust emotions in decision-making and avoid impulsive spending.

14:56 ADHD-friendly membership, support, rest, and understanding.

17:20 Community support for shared experiences and coaching.

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