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Time for Sharing Manifestation Secrets with ADHD Entrepreneurs

Welcome to another episode of Weeniecast, the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs looking to level up their business strategies.

I'm Katie McManus, your business strategist and money mindset coach.

In this episode, we're getting a little what some would call 'woo' and taking a look into the world of manifestation from the perspective of being an ADHD entrepreneur. 

Look, for some it might seem a bit out there, but there is a real science behind the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. And it's my goal to get you opening your mind, and embracing it as part of your journey as an ADHD business owner.

But still, we have ADHD.

We understand that the conventional approaches to manifesting may not always work for us neurodiverse individuals, and that's why we're here to explore a better way.

So I'm gonna be breaking down the unique challenges faced by ADHD entrepreneurs when it comes to focusing, experiencing positive emotions, and dealing with the details of manifestation.

Get ready to unleash your manifesting potential and learn how to bring your business goals to life.

Let's discover how people with ADHD can truly manifest what they desire.

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Understanding Manifestation for ADHD Entrepreneurs

So to begin with, we explore how people with ADHD can effectively manifest their goals and desires.

We acknowledge that traditional manifestation techniques often cater to neurotypicals, so we're here to discuss a better approach for ADHD individuals.

By understanding the basic principles of manifestation and focusing on positive emotions, ADHD entrepreneurs can tap into their unique strengths to achieve their desired outcomes.

Embracing Positive Focus and Letting Go of Details

Before we can make any kind of change, we need to be focusing on positive emotions and letting go of the need to control every detail.

ADHD entrepreneurs are known for their innovative problem-solving skills, but this approach may hinder manifestation.

I'd love it if you listen to this episode and then feel empowered to imagine your desired outcomes and focus on the benefits, rather than getting caught up in the logistics or negative aspects.

For instance, instead of worrying about filling a mansion with furniture, I'd say get yourself excited about hosting yourself some kickass parties and enjoying the company of friends in this dream space!

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Tapping into ADHD Entrepreneurial Strengths for Manifestation

We'll be exploring how ADHD entrepreneurs can leverage their unique strengths to enhance manifestation.

I'll be emphasizing the power of creativity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving abilities that are inherent in individuals with ADHD.

By harnessing these strengths and implementing strategies like visualization, goal setting, and positive affirmations, ADHD entrepreneurs can manifest their business goals and create the success they desire!

The key moments in this episode are:

00:02:03 Focus on abundance, not scarcity, when manifesting.

00:04:16 ADHD makes manifestation difficult for forgetful minds.

00:07:22 Worrying about furnishing rather than the goal.

00:10:09 Organic garden provides community food access, pests managed by ducks.

00:14:45 Always notice yellow Jeeps, follow them home.

00:19:08 ADHD makes people blind to clutter.

00:21:33 Premium episode at breaks down manifestation practice.

00:23:38 Focus on calling it in, not figuring it out.

00:27:12 Relax, be open to new opportunities. Have faith.

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Some of the reviews other lovely people have left...

Apple Podcasts

I really enjoyed this podcast. I am an adhd business owner and I was surprised at how much I could relate to the different challenges and obstacles Katie was describing. To learn that other business owners struggle with similar daily setbacks honestly makes me feel better because now I know I’m not the only one struggling with these things and in many of the episodes she offers nuggets of knowledge and things she has done to overcome these obstacles, which I am finding useful and helpful in my journey to success.

Business owner

haracter. I believe she clearly, positively and understandably described challenges that people with adhd deal with. I found the podcast encouraging and helpful. Especially where she kindly states when you show up as your genuine and authentic self, people will be drawn to you and you can build meaningful connections with clients and customers that will result in success and wealth.

Awesome podcast! Keep up the great work.

As a podcaster myself (with suspected ADHD) I know only too well how tough it can be to keep a podcast going week-to-week. The fact you're maintaining this level of quality for over a year is really impressive. Well done, Katie. I love it!

Apple Podcasts
One of my new favourite podcasts

I’ve been binging the Weeniecast recently and it is a wonderful to listen to - both content wise and sonically (I love the sound design and all the ‘off the rail’ sound effects). All of Katie’s anecdotes, stories and metaphors are my language and I can’t count the times I’ve thought: “I know EXACTLY what she means”. Regardless if you have an ADHD, ADD or any other diagnosis - I would claim that you will learn a lot from listening. If you tend to worry a lot or have an empathic mindset you will benefit from Katie’s way of thinking and coping with all the issues you need to control and overcome if you want to run a business. I can not praise or recommend this podcast enough.

Apple Podcasts
Lessons to learn even if you don’t have ADHD

This show might be aimed at ADHD entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value for those that don’t have ADHD. I think all of us will hear a little bit of ourselves in Katie’s well told stories. They are relatable and will certainly give you a laugh as you learn. Quality production.

This is about me right?!

As I listened to the first episode of Katie’s, all I was thinking was, how does this woman know me? Really weird feeling to have someone you don’t know describe your personality in such accuracy. Obviously it’s not about me, but as a self-diagnosed adult, this is exactly how my brain works. Look forward to hearing more.


If you have ADHD and you’re in business, this is a must listen podcast!