54. How ADHD entrepreneurs can ensure they keep 'juicing their goose' in their routines!

54. How ADHD entrepreneurs can ensure they keep 'juicing their goose' in their routines!

Are you an ADHD entrepreneur who's needing to keep juicing your goose with your routine?

Hey there, delightful weenie - in this episode, I want to talk about a topic that many ADHD entrepreneurs can relate to - what happens when your routine stops working for you? 

How can you ensure you keep 'juicing your goose'?

We all know that feeling when everything seems to be flowing smoothly, and then suddenly, it all falls apart. 

It could be due to a change in schedule, a move, or even something as simple as a seasonal shift. 

But when your routine is disrupted and you have ADHD, it can feel like being lost in the woods with no way to find your way out. 

It's overwhelming, frustrating, and you're left wondering how to prioritize your never-ending to-do list.

One common catalyst for routine breakdowns is transitioning from a corporate job to being self-employed. 

As ADHD entrepreneurs, we thrive in structure, but struggle to create it for ourselves. 

So I'm here sharing my own experience of having a perfectly dialed-in routine while working in the solar industry, only to see it fall apart when I started my own business. 

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To ensure your routine keeps juicing your goose, it's important to regularly redesign it based on your needs and desires. 

Whether it's consciously designing a routine for a few weeks or months, or making adjustments as needed, variety is key. 

What are you craving more of? More creativity? More leisure? More movement?

By identifying what you truly need, you can tailor your routine to incorporate those elements. 

ADHD entrepreneurs - contains ideas for routine remaps!

I'll share some insights on how I recently remapped my routine to fill my whimsical cup. 

Remember, routines have expiration dates for ADHD-preneurs, so be open to redesigning them when necessary.

Thanks for listening, and if you want to give me some feedback on your experience with routines, please do leave me a voicemail on my website at weeniecast.com

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The key moments in this episode are:

[00:01:55] Transitioning to self-employment: structure is essential.

[00:03:50] Adjusting schedules.

[00:07:10] Design your life consciously.

[00:10:37] Embrace change, focus on one platform.

[00:14:46] Nightly routines; for me mindless TV watching.

[00:20:19] Quick and easy prioritization technique, starting with forgiveness.

[00:21:16] "Do it my way for more dopamine."

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