55. Hey, ADHD entrepreneur! Find your ideal clients at the ADHD pool party!

55. Hey, ADHD entrepreneur! Find your ideal clients at the ADHD pool party!

From Deep Enders to Socializers: Attracting and Engaging Different Clients in Your ADHD Business

In this episode, we're throwing the ultimate ADHD business pool party! And offering you a freebie!

I'm Katie McManus, your business strategist and money mindset coach, here to guide you through the client journey and your responsibilities as a business owner.

But before we get into it, make sure to register at weeniecast.com/poolparty.

We have a downloadable PDF guide that accompanies this episode, walking you through how to transform strangers into paying clients and loyal fans of your work.

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Katie is great!

There are a good amount of ADHD shows out there but I really enjoy this one. Katie is wise, she has great info, she’s relatable and she’s easy to listen to. It’s a great show, I recommend it to all!

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Wonderful podcast

Katie is the real deal. I too found this podcast through podmatch. As a colleague in podcasts I know what it takes to launch, sustain promote etc a podcast show. You have a new follower and I do not find the sound effects distracting I love them

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I can’t wait!

I found this show through pod match, listened to one great episode and am excited to dive in to many more! I’m eager to see what I can learn. Thank you! Susie Pettit

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Information is Useful

I don’t have ADHD or anything but I do find the squirrel joke pretty funny. The show is a bit of rambling but overall the lessons are useful for everyone. They cover business aspects that all people will have to deal with. I feel like ADHD is being used to get more attraction to the show but also that there aren’t m...

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The show my neuro-spicy brain didn’t know it needed!

Katie has created THE show for neuro-spicy entrepreneurs. I love the random squirrel interruptions, the popping music and the REAL talk about running a biz with ADHD. And I vote yes for the conference with naps!

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Helpful advice with a unique angle!

What a great show that leans into ADHD tendencies but honestly is helpful to anyone! I enjoyed the episode about social media. Katie is a master at telling stories and using analogies too and shared a metaphor-based process to creating content. She has a dry sense of humor that I appreciate. Give this one a listen!


Katie's podcast always inspires me, but the episode where Katie coached her producer Neal was next level. I will be re-listening to this episode whenever I need an extra dose of motivation. Thank you Katie for being awesome, and thank you Neal for being so open and putting yourself out there, very much appreciated.

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I enjoyed the podcast a lot since l resonated with the ADHD entrepreneur message. I would love to see more clear and attractive cover arts for the episodes :)

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I really enjoyed this podcast. I am an adhd business owner and I was surprised at how much I could relate to the different challenges and obstacles Katie was describing. To learn that other business owners struggle with similar daily setbacks honestly makes me feel better because now I know I’m not the only one strug...

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Business owner

haracter. I believe she clearly, positively and understandably described challenges that people with adhd deal with. I found the podcast encouraging and helpful. Especially where she kindly states when you show up as your genuine and authentic self, people will be drawn to you and you can build meaningful connections...

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Awesome podcast! Keep up the great work.

As a podcaster myself (with suspected ADHD) I know only too well how tough it can be to keep a podcast going week-to-week. The fact you're maintaining this level of quality for over a year is really impressive. Well done, Katie. I love it!

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One of my new favourite podcasts

I’ve been binging the Weeniecast recently and it is a wonderful to listen to - both content wise and sonically (I love the sound design and all the ‘off the rail’ sound effects). All of Katie’s anecdotes, stories and metaphors are my language and I can’t count the times I’ve thought: “I know EXACTLY what she means”. R...

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Attracting clients

Starting out, attracting clients may feel like a magical, accidental process.

But as you develop your business and understand your ideal clients better, you'll be able to consciously create systems to attract them.

From social media strategies to webinars, email lists, and speaking engagements, it all plays a role in getting clients. 

Throughout this episode, we'll explore how to attract and nurture each type of client at your ADHD pool party. And remember, doing those scary things like hosting webinars or speaking at events takes bravery, but it's all part of your journey as an ADHD entrepreneur.

So, grab your pool floaties and let's dive right into the ADHD entrepreneur pool party!

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The three types of people at your ADHD swimming pool party

It turns out there are three categories of 'pool party' attendees (as in those that circle your business when you're marketing it for those who don't do 'subtle'):

  • The deep enders
  • The socializers
  • The ease-their-way-inners.

We'll explain what impact each one has on your bottom line, and how you can leverage them in your marketing.

The benefits of these various types of clients

Each category of client brings unique value to your business.

Deep enders, with their immediate interest, can become loyal advocates.

Socializers may not buy from you, but they often become cheerleaders and promoters, playing a crucial role in increasing brand visibility.

Ease-their-way-inners may take longer to convert, but they can still become valuable customers through strategic engagement.

Understanding and appreciating the different types of clients helps entrepreneurs tailor their marketing and sales approaches to create a diverse and supportive community.

We'll share with you how you can do that, in this episode.

Click here to download our free guide to winning social media marketing strategy for adhd entrepreneurs

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:33 Downloadable guide explains how to attract clients.

00:07:58 Webinars, events, lives: scariest, but necessary for success.

00:12:22 Build trust, convert followers, make an impact.

00:13:09 Make money, call bulls*it, transform, choose, connect

00:18:37 ADHD entrepreneurs get hooked on content consistently.

00:20:11 The three types of posts for ideal clients.

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