45: Do you have an ADHD business baby or a business 'oops'?

45: Do you have an ADHD business baby or a business 'oops'?

ADHD entrepreneurs - We're gonna talk you through how to go from 'oops!' to purposeful business success!


Welcome back to another episode of Weeniecast! I'm your host, Katie McManus and this episode, we're talking about the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship. 

Let's get started on some insights on intentional business beginnings, overcoming doubts, and finding your tribe!

Unintentional Start, Intentional Commitment

I’m planning on taking you through the intriguing paradox of unintentional business starts.

Many of us have stumbled into ventures without a grand plan, but I want to underscore the significance of commitment once you've taken the plunge.

We’ll discuss Hernan Cortez and how his burning ships are actually quite the business lesson.

Dark? Yes. Unpleasant and hard to stomach? Of course.

But the lesson's there - ensured success is the only path forward. 

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The Heart of Purposeful Entrepreneurship

My own journey of discovering purpose in my business is a story I’ve decided to share in the hope it resonates deeply. I’ll recount my first year and a half of hesitant commitment while simultaneously job hunting.

I explain why I’m all about the essence of intentionality in business.

Unlike parenting where "oopsies" happen, a business needs a purposeful blueprint. And I’m here for you Weenie, offering assurance that your purpose-driven venture won't meet the same fate as many unplanned endeavors.

The Mighty Impact of Support

I’ll talk about the transformative power of seeking guidance during hurdles in business expansion.

I’ll tell you why relinquishing your entrepreneurial dream for a standard job is not the way.

And I’ll guide you on how to avoid being brought down by your quitting peers and friends. 

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:02:50 Unintentional entrepreneurs fear failure for survival.

00:04:54 Passion for business ensures success; burn those ships.

00:09:01 Approach to parenting = approach to business.

00:10:17 Unfollow negative friends; focus on success.

00:16:08 The value in accountability.

00:18:02 ADHD: Familiar struggle with no progress.

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