68. As an ADHD entrepreneur do you need more fun in your business?

68. As an ADHD entrepreneur do you need more fun in your business?

Hey, Let's Have Some Damn Fun in Business, Shall We?

Alright, my lovely weenies and would-be winning ADHD entrepreneurs, let's get real about fun.


Because having a blast isn’t just some fluffy, nice-to-have—it’s as crucial as your morning coffee.

So, I had this kick-ass chat with a fellow biz owner, Laura Bernhard, and guess what?

Well, aside from coming up with an idea for Bingo...

We realised we're all about the high-wire act of juggling work and kicking back with some real, unscripted fun.

Turns out, when we hyperfocus (yeah, you know what I’m talking about), work can hijack our joy radar.

And damn, that’s a slippery slope to forgetting what pure, unadulterated fun feels like.

Stop Making Fun a Job!

We dove headfirst into this crazy trend of turning everything fun into content.

You know the drill – you start with a hobby, and before you know it, you’re planning your next Instagram post.

What happened to just having fun without the freaking camera rolling all the time?

Like, does everything have to be a staged video clip for Instagram Reels or LinkedIn?

In this episode, I'm going to call this behaviour out that we all demonstrate from time to time.

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Joy: Not Just a Nice-to-Have

We got down to the nitty-gritty on how sprinkling a little joy in your daily grind does wonders.

Less stress, better relationships, and hey, it’s like a creativity steroid.

Remember, it’s not always about being ‘productive’.

Sometimes, you gotta let loose and just be.

The ADHD Joyride: Hang On Tight

Finding joy that sticks around?

Tough, especially for the ADHD crowd.

We crave variety like it's oxygen, right? And our obsessions?

They're here one minute, gone the next.

They're almost like Harry Potter's dementors.

It's something we need to deal with as ADHD biz owners, always hunting for that lasting thrill!

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Crafting Joy with Purpose: It's a Thing

Time we hit on something golden: creating joy on purpose, both in business and life.

Sure, it's tough with all the business chaos, but it's damn essential.

We're not just building empires here; we're crafting lives we don’t need a vacation from.

Your Tribe Matters: Choose Wisely

Last up, we tackled the biggie – your squad.

Surround yourself with folks who get it, who cheer on your quest for joy and success, ADHD style.

It's about finding your people, the ones who don’t just nod but actually understand your crazy, beautiful journey.

Timestamped summary

00:00 Balancing work, passion, and personal enjoyment.

05:19 Value joy and productivity, make impact. Consider life's purpose.

07:40 ADHD and business owners struggle with joy.

11:29 Variety crucial for relationships, business, and content.

17:36 Importance of community and personal growth through cooking.

20:12 A top tip for exploring local unusual and fun activities. Spoiler - goat yoga!

22:22 Seek supportive community, fun activities, self-discovery.