53. ADHD? Skip the frog. Eat the ice cream first!

53. ADHD? Skip the frog. Eat the ice cream first!

ADHD entrepreneur? Stop with trying to eat the frog.

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In this week's episode of The Weeniecast, I'm talking about the concept of eating the ice cream first before tackling the tough stuff, which neurotypicals refer to as 'eating the frog'.

I will talk you through a whole bunch of stuff that will ensure you never look at grocery stores the same way again.

Mostly because you'll learn that their entire layouts are designed to psychologically tap into our minds and manipulate our behaviours.

This also ties into my explanation of why it's important for ADHD entrepreneurs to prioritize their rewards and give themselves ice cream before biting into the frog.

After listening, you'll also understand why this episode's artwork features me enjoying a moment with Tom Hanks....

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ADHD entrepreneurs - try eating your ice cream first!

Hi! I'm your host Katie McManus and in this episode of The Weeniecast we're taking an unconventional approach to productivity for ADHD entrepreneurs.

We explore the concept of prioritizing rewards before tackling the most challenging tasks, rather than following the traditional advice of "eating the frog" and completing the hardest things first.

We discuss how neurotypical individuals benefit from a dopamine-driven reward system throughout the day, while ADHD individuals struggle to maintain motivation without sufficient dopamine levels.

This episode challenges the societal norms of productivity and encourages listeners to find strategies that align with their unique neurodivergent needs.

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Reshaping productivity Strategies

I'm here challenging the notion that productivity should follow a linear trajectory, where the hardest tasks are completed first and rewards come later.

For individuals with ADHD, this approach often leads to procrastination, lack of productivity, and feelings of failure.

Instead, I'm here to tell you that reshaping productivity strategies to incorporate rewards and enjoyable activities earlier in the day is the way.

By acknowledging that ADHD individuals may have lower dopamine levels in the morning, this alternative approach focuses on finding motivation and satisfaction in tasks throughout the day, rather than relying on willpower alone.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:26 Unhealthy food placement influences consumer choices.

00:05:33 Weekend tasks delay leads to unproductiveness.

00:07:16 Saturday mornings: coffee, dog, and movies.

00:10:43 Struggling to stick to morning routines and schedules.

00:13:38 Missed reading, found value in new moon circles.

00:18:25 Base pay low, commissions not reliable. Incentive system harmful, outperform with guaranteed pay.


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