8: ADHD entrepreneurs with pricing challenges - this episode will help!

8: ADHD entrepreneurs with pricing challenges - this episode will help!

ADHD entrepreneur - let's get your pricing right! 

"So here's the next problem that a lot of ADHD-preneurs and neurotypical preneurs also struggle with.

They fear raising their rates because they're worried that it'll set expectations even higher for their performance to which I say, what's the problem with that? " - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

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I get it. You're scared of raising your prices.

ADHD entrepreneur or not, it can be a scary thing!

But here's the even scarier truth.

If you DON'T raise your prices, you could be risking your business's very survival!

If you're a TL:dr'er, you might want to get started on fixing this issue right now, by listening to my episode that talks you through how to figure out what you should be charging!

If you need to know a little more first, read on!

This episode covers:

  • Being trapped in low pricing
  • The fear of judgement and accusations of 'bait and switch' 
  • An example of value using a hypothetical copywriter
  • Baby pricing equals baby testimonials
  • The money map for coaches explained and demonstrated
  • How I help weenies to charge what they're worth!


Who will get the most out of this episode about ADHD entrepreneurs who suffer from pricing challenges?

It's not easy to build a business.

Nobody ever said it was.

But your growth will not be particularly quick if you fall into the trap of using discount prices to attract baby clients who will pay you baby fees and treat you like a baby!

Listen to this episode, follow the exercise and download the money map (linked below) to get yourself out of the weenie and into the winning with your pricing!


How to get paid what you're worth as an ADHD entrepreneur - whatever it is you do!

This episode will help you figure out your pricing.

And I mean, figure it out.

I literally talk you through the calculation you need to make.

And again, if you download this, it'll be even easier.


But if you need a bit more hand holding, it's not a problem...

Book into one of my Friday Brave Biz Labs sessions and talk with me all about any issues you've got, including pricing!

I'll be able to support you, and offer some advice on some of the things you can do to step out of the weenie, and get closer to winning!

And what's more, it's FREE!!!

Just click this link.



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About Katie McManus

Katie McManus was trained in Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Development at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.