44: ADHD Entrepreneurs! Reject the 'Hustle Bro' Mentality for Sustainable Success

44: ADHD Entrepreneurs! Reject the 'Hustle Bro' Mentality for Sustainable Success

Hey bro! This is a hustle-free zone! 

Welcome back to another episode of Weeniecast! I'm your host, Katie McManus and today we have an empowering and eye-opening topic for all our ADHD entrepreneur listeners to check in with.

I’m going to be talking about the harmful effects of the hustle bro mentality on ADHD entrepreneurs and exploring a healthier and more sustainable approach to success.

I’ll share my personal experiences and shed light on how ADHD-preneurs can navigate the business world while maintaining their well-being and mental health.

We'll explore the damaging effects of living in a constant state of lack and the importance of embracing a mindset of abundance.

I’m going to delve into the concept of money disorders and discuss the various ways in which they can impact our relationship with finances.

But it doesn't stop there!

I'll also tackle the topic of setting goals and redefining success beyond just financial gain.

Also, because I’m a putting my money where my mouth is kinda coach, I’ll reveal my own ambitious plans for the future and talk about the non-negotiables I’ve set for myself to achieve my million-dollar year without sacrificing my well-being, unlike my hustle bro brethren.

So, if you're an ADHD entrepreneur hustling through life, feeling drained and burnt out, this episode is for you.

Listen as I uncover the dangers of hustle bro culture and provide you with actionable strategies to thrive as an ADHD entrepreneur.

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Expansive success

In this episode we mention the world of expansive success. It's all about understanding that success isn't confined to financial numbers – it's about embracing a full and abundant life that flourishes in every way! 

Sure, money is important, but let's widen the lens. Success is about your well-being, relationships, personal growth, and overall joy. It's a rich tapestry of fulfillment that goes beyond the dollars and cents.

As an ADHD entrepreneur, it's time to break free from the hustle culture and embrace a holistic approach. My episode sheds light on creating a business strategy that nourishes your mind, heart, and soul. When you thrive personally, your business soars too! 

So, let's redefine success together.

Listen in and discover how to build a life where business triumphs harmonize with personal joys!


A balanced financial life, not a hustle-bro powered one!

You know, there’s a sweet spot between luxury indulgence and that 'no-spend es bueno' mindset. It's all about finding your groove, weenies!

It's not about flashy things, nor is it about living like a hermit.

The key is balance.

Too much luxury, and you're in a money whirlwind.

Too much deprivation? Trust me, it's not the path to happiness or success. 

What's the secret sweet spot then? 

Nurturing a financial lifestyle that's both enriching and steady. Enjoy life's pleasures without overindulgence, and ensure stability without living like a recluse.

Together, let's analyze the various money mindsets and the ways they can sway our decisions.

I'll walk you through the ins and outs of underspending and how it can stealthily harm us, just like overspending or other money disorders.

It's time to ditch the extremes, my ADHD entrepreneur friend. 

Embrace a balanced approach to your relationship with money, and watch your business flourish while you continue to lead a rich and fulfilling life. 

Listen in now and let's embark on a journey of financial harmony and entrepreneurial success!

The key moments in this episode are:

00:01:09 Innocent bystanders get pulled into negative messaging.

00:04:17 Human spirit thrives on pride and contribution.

00:08:05 Committing to eat well and exercise daily.

00:12:39 Serving cabanas, learning valuable lessons.

00:16:37 Success without burning out = happiness and health.

00:17:40 Rejecting aspects of Hustle Bro culture, and realising smarter help is available.

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