69. ADHD entrepreneurs have these 5 annoying traits. Let's celebrate them together!

69. ADHD entrepreneurs have these 5 annoying traits. Let's celebrate them together!

In case you prefer watching me talk about annoying ADHD entrepreneur traits!☝️

As an ADHD entrepreneur there's a top five of annoying things we do.

And we're going to talk about them in this episode!

Hi! I'm Katie McManus, ADHD entrepreneur business strategist and money mindset coach.

And welcome to "The Weeniecast."

Your official ADHD Entrepreneur's Guide to Embracing Annoying Quirks!

Let's talk about the typical life of ADHD entrepreneurs.

You know the drill; we jump from project to project, overflowing with enthusiasm until... squirrels!

But it's not all chaos; there's a method to our madness. 

And actually, sometimes, our ADHD entrepreneurship actually gives us the edge.

So, let's talk about how our quirks can be harnessed for creative genius, and I'll drop some truth bombs about my own ADHD journey.

The Tale of Two Diagnoses

Ever met another ADHD maverick and realized they've been through a totally different saga with their diagnosis?

I sure have myself.

In my chats with fellow entrepreneurial spirits, there's a kaleidoscope of stories.

Early OGs who got their labels in childhood versus the late bloomers whose aha-moments came in adulthood.

But here's a potentially triggering question: did knowing earlier really change the game, or are we all winging it in our own unique ways?


Makes you wonder, right?

The ADHD Discovery via TikTok

Can you believe TikTok was my muse for this journey?

I'm serious! It's not just for dance-offs and viral crazes – those bite-sized videos were my crash course in ADHD 101.

Seeing people just like us share their stories struck a chord.

But hey, here's the question that keeps me up at night even if Luna isn't snoring: how many of us would still be clueless about our brain's zigzag wiring without it?

Leave me a voicemail if you feel seeeeeeen!

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The Project Graveyard Dilemma

Let's talk about our legendary project graveyards.

You know the one: it's crammed with relics of enthusiasm past.

I'll confess, I'm the queen of grand openings, but those final ribbons?

Not so much.

It's a real carnival ride, starting with a bang and fizzling out to a 'meh'.

It's like our brains are wired for sprints, not marathons.

But I bet you're curious: can we turn this graveyard into a goldmine? Time will tell, my friends.

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The Elusive Dopamine High

You're probably familiar with the dopamine chase; that sweet, sweet high we get from finishing tasks.

But as an ADHD entrepreneur, this can be like hunting a unicorn – rare and utterly magical.

Planning is my jam, but the follow-through?

Not as tasty.

We're left craving that completion dopamine like a rare delicacy.

So, how do we set the table for success and finally savor that accomplishment feast? I'm still figuring that one out!

The All or Nothing Workout Plan

Here's one: elaborate workout plans that never see the light of day.

I plot them out with military precision, yet somehow, my sneakers stay squeaky clean.

It's the all or nothing mindset knocking at the door, and boy, does it crash the self-esteem party.

@katie.kdhd I just want to be real with you for a moment. Tell me in the comments - do you often make overly ambitions plans? #adhd #adhdentrepreneur #adhdtiktok ♬ original sound - Katie ADHD Biz Coach

I'm left wrestling with failure, and it's definitely not the workout I planned.

Buuut, have you ever wondered what skipping this emotional gym day could do for our productivity?

Food for (thought) gains, eh?

Brag Book vs. Burn Book

If you're a "Mean Girls" aficionado (c'mon, who isn't?), you'll recall the infamous Burn Book.

Well, let's get real: we've all got a mental version for ourselves, filled with our less-than-proud moments.

But transforming that into a Brag Book?

Now that's an entrepreneur's alchemy.

It's like turning lead into gold – except it's flipping self-doubt into killer confidence.

Hard? Yes.

Impossible? Definitely not.

And I've got anecdotes to spice it up, so prepare for a chuckle or two.

Timestamped summary

00:00 The 5 ADHD traits in entrepreneurs - an introduction.

04:06 Frustrating ADHD behaviors and ways to cope.

08:04 My regrets about unfinished knitting projects and legacy.

11:51 Planning doesn't equal doing; it's appealing.

14:06 Apology for planning and striving to overcome self-doubt.

18:26 Enjoying fitness but struggling with realistic planning.

20:08 Perfectionism leads to self-sabotage and failure.

23:36 Google ads fuel self-doubt and impostor syndrome persists.

28:33 Embracing community support and seeking business assistance.

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