67. ADHD entrepreneurs; do it Leonardo da Vinci style when you're tacking frustration intolerance!

67. ADHD entrepreneurs; do it Leonardo da Vinci style when you're tacking frustration intolerance!

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Do you suffer from frustration intolerance? If you're an ADHD entrepreneur, you probably do.

In this episode we're talking all about this issue (which I have a different name for) and helping you get equipped so you know exactly how to handle it, and make more progress in your business.

Hi! I'm Katie McManus, ADHD entrepreneur business strategist and money mindset coach.

And welcome to "The Weeniecast."

The Significance of Frustration Tolerance in ADHD and Coachability

Frustration tolerance can have a massive influence on individuals with ADHD, and their ability to absorb coaching.

In the episode I emphasize the importance of managing emotional dysregulation, which is crucial for personal and professional progress.

You'll understand why this is a priority for tackling once you've heard the full episode but let's just say that this element of emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in shaping your learning behaviors and relationships as an ADHD entrepreneur.

Also, your childhood responses can play a part. These are learned and amplified by educational systems which favor ease over challenge, can sculpt an individual’s lifelong self-assessment and their tenacity when facing adversity.

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Persistent Growth from Persistent Challenges

I'm going to take you through some stories that showcase the necessity of frustration as a catalyst in the growth journey.

These stories are tailored to reinforce the notion that the process of learning inherently includes facing and overcoming difficulties.

The good news is, perseverance and adaptability are skills that can be honed, and they're not just innate characteristics.

Oh, and you'll definitely understand why Leonardo da Vinci offers a lot of learning for us ADHD entrepreneurs, when we study his approach to frustration intolerance.

The Ties Between Frustration Tolerance and Coachability

Frustration tolerance isn't just a fancy term; it's the lifeblood of being coachable, especially when you color outside the neurotypical lines.

I've seen first hand that elevated frustration tolerance opens us up to absorbing new strategies and staying agile in business. But the flip side?

That can lead to closed doors and missed opportunities. That's why understanding and incrementally building your tolerance can pivot your entrepreneurial journey from floundering to flourishing.

Emotional Dysregulation: ADHD's Sidekick

For those of us with ADHD, emotional dysregulation is often sitting in the passenger seat, creating a rollercoaster of reactions to setbacks.

But did you know this very dysregulation could affect not only your business relationships but also the way you learn and behave? Diving into the interplay between frustration and emotion unveils strategies for personal development that can significantly impact our growth as entrepreneurs.

The Power of Therapy in Developing Coping Skills

If you've ever felt frustration boiling over at a challenge, you're not alone.

Therapy can be a transformative tool for those of us with ADHD to learn healthy coping mechanisms. Ever wonder why some people can hit a wall and bounce back while others crumble? Therapy can help us join the ranks of the bounce-backers. And yes, there's a little neuroscience magic at play here that I'm intrigued to share with you.

The Role of Parents in Developing Children’s Frustration Tolerance

Parents, this one's for you.

As we navigate our entrepreneurial journey, we've got to pave the way for the next generation.

Allowing our children to experience and navigate frustration not only builds their tolerance but equips them with essential life skills. Want to know the delicate balance between stepping in and stepping back? I’ve got some insights that are golden.

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Timestamped summary

00:00 Lack of frustration tolerance hinders growth.

03:01 People with ADHD have emotional dysregulation challenges.

07:18 ADHD leads to emotional dysregulation, two paths.

12:24 Listening reveals frustrating experiences as key lessons.

14:39 Overcoming frustration in learning new things.

18:02 Struggling with math, Grandpa's advice helped.

20:02 Leonardo da Vinci struggles but still succeeds.

23:40 Project Runway showcases fashion creativity and competition.

27:29 Adapting to frustration and seeking help.

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