How to become a better listener when you have ADHD: getting out of Squirrel mind during conversations in Business Relationships

In this episode of The Weeniecast, we're talking all about ADHD communication. Specifically, we're exploring how to go from being a 'squirrel' to a 'shark'.

In other words, how to become a better listener when you have ADHD. 

As an ADHD entrepreneur, it can be challenging to keep ourselves from oversharing in conversations, especially with clients.

We often get so excited and end up going off on tangents or revealing too much.

But fear not, because I have some strategies to help you navigate this common challenge.

First, we'll discuss the three different levels of listening.

Most of us spend the majority of our time in the first method - the squirrel method, where we're constantly thinking about what we should say next instead of truly focusing on the other person.

To become a better listener, we need to tap into our other brain levels, where we listen more deeply and tune into what's not being said.

This ability to read the room and understand the emotions of others is vital in building connections and relationships.

So, get ready to exit squirrel brain and go into deeper waters... and become a better listener in your business.

Whether you have ADHD or not, these communication strategies can benefit anyone seeking to improve their listening skills and forge stronger connections in the business world.

I'm Katie McManus, your business strategist and money mindset coach. This is the latest episode of The Weeniecast, the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs looking to level up their business strategies.

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The Three Levels of Listening

So one of the things I learned at 'coaching school' was one of the most valuable lessons I still use to this day.

There are three different categories of listening: the squirrel method, the cougar method, and the shark method. 

Here's how to become a better listener when you have ADHD.

Most people with ADHD spend the majority of their time in the squirrel method, where they are easily distracted and focused on their own thoughts rather than fully listening to the other person.

This can lead to massive amounts of oversharing. 

The cougar method involves deeply listening to what is being said and what is not being said.

This level of listening requires tuning into body language and nonverbal cues.

Then lastly, we've got the shark method.

And it's this level of listening that's especially useful in business situations and can make individuals appear more observant and trustworthy.

I'm hoping I can help you get started with practicing this after you've listened to this week's episode!

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:35 Avoid oversharing: a common ADHD struggle.

05:15 Sitcom-based vulnerability-dumps.

09:31 Questions reveal hidden emotions, fears, and aspirations.

13:35 An anxious leader in a meeting creates suspicion.

15:27 Unconscious energy reading; key coaching skill.

20:40 Observing public spaces brings attention and safety.

21:36 Relatable stories for connecting with clients, book recommendation.

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