25: ADHD entrepreneur networking events tactics

25: ADHD entrepreneur networking events tactics

Are you using ADHD entrepreneur networking events tactics?

"You can spark curiosity. By sharing random things about yourself. You can also spark empathy. When you share about your life, when you share about your struggles. When you share about your hopes and your dreams...." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

Oh boy, you're gonna wanna grab a pad and paper for this one!

In this episode wer're talking about how us ADHD folks can absolutely nail our ADHD entreprenuer networking even tactics!

Strap in. Your life's about to change.


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How us ADHD folks can get good at networking

This episode is all about how you can get in touch with your ideal clients.

I explain how you have to go where they are already hanging out.

This could be social media.

But it could also be live, in person networking events.

I'll be shariing my own experience of how I make friends when I move to a new place.

I talk about how being extroverted can make a difference, and share how to compensate for that when it comes to making friends with absolute strangers.

We'll discuss proximity and I'll explain how people want to work with other people because of the connection and relationship.

I'll also share my experience of making friends while on a date! 

This episode that's all about ADHD folks getting good at networking, covers:

  • How to make friends with your ideal clients
  • How to use 'people at the bar' in dates AND BUSINESS!
  • Half moons and how to use them.
  • Eyebrow tricks and eye contact!


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