70. 5 simple rules for staying sane as an ADHD entrepreneur!

70. 5 simple rules for staying sane as an ADHD entrepreneur!

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Rules For Realistic Work Results

As an ADHD entrepreneur you need to have 'rules' within your business.

Here are my five most simple, unbreakable rules that I have as an ADHD business coach.

Hi! I'm Katie McManus, ADHD entrepreneur business strategist and money mindset coach.

And welcome to "The Weeniecast."

Saying 'nope' to the 'no-shows'

If there's one thing that really grinds my gears harder than a pothole it's those tyre-kickers and time-wasters who can't be bothered to show up for a call with me.

They make me go insane. And that's why this is my first rule I'm covering in the list of five.

Say goodbye to these people.

You DO NOT want them in your life.

Have a zero-tolerance policy.

And if the idea of doing that makes you feel like barfing, imagine yourself as a fast food chain manager.

Would you tolerate your staff members not showing up for their shifts?

No. In some cases, fast food chains have it right!


Mastering the Magic of 'Handing Off'

Getting the hang of ditching and delegating tasks is like learning to fly on one of my beloved Harry Potter characters' broomsticks – tricky but thrilling.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (and a couple of battle scars to boot).

Your business is your baby, but as it grows, you've gotta trust others to babysit sometimes.

And yeah, sometimes you gotta show someone the door.

Hurts like a stubbed toe, but it's gotta be done for the sake of your business health.

How do you juggle your heart and your head here?

Set the rules, know your limits, and remember: your peace of mind and your biz's prosperity are on the line.

Ever stopped to think just how much one slacker could be draining your mindset fund?

Click to listen to how I suggest you get through this!

Shushing That Naysaying Noggin

Ah, that niggling voice of doom – every entrepreneur's unwelcome bedfellow.

It loves to gab about gloom and doom when you're trying to catch some Zs.

My two cents? Don't lend it your ears. Distract yourself with something utterly mind-numbing, like binge-watching the guiltiest of pleasures, or just hit the sack. Maybe hit the yoga studio.

That doom-monger gets extra loud for us ADHD adventurers, but taking a step back can shine a whole new light on things.

Keen to find out which tricks can muzzle that moaner in your mind?

Click play, bae!

Dodging the Online Ogre's Den

How do you silence that inner voice? Leave us a voice note and let us know!

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Dodging the Online Ogre's Den

Alright, let's tackle the troll issue head-on.

Navigating the wilds of the web means you're bound to bump into a few boogiemen.

My golden rule?

Hit delete, block 'em, and bounce.

Wrestling with internet trolls is like mud-wrestling a pig – you both get dirty, but the pig likes it! hahaha!

Set your engagement rules to guard your noggin and nurture your biz vibes.

Ever caught yourself in a digital duel and wondered why on earth you bothered?

Timestamped summary

00:00 No rescheduling after no-show, even for ADHD.
04:25 Salespeople understand the impact of no-shows.
07:28 Promote your work, attract ideal clients, no-show warning.
12:54 Client trust lost due to employee errors.
13:55 Realizing mistakes, fixing instead of preventing them.
19:26 Don't expect 100% productivity, rest is essential.
22:09 Successful business growth from part-time effort.
24:05 Self-care and therapy can help in crisis.
28:45 Work smart, use your head, delegate.

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