Let’s talk tumblers. But not just any tumblers. Stanley tumblers. I want to spill the tea (but not literally, thanks to those tumblers!) on what your business can learn from the evolution, flexibility, and sheer brilliance of the Stanley tumblers story. Grab your favorite drink (in a Stanley, obvs hahaaha!), and let's get this party started! By the way, this episode and article is NOT sponsored by Stanley, sadly. I’d love it if it was. I just find the story fascinating and insightful. And it’s a great lesson for you, my wonderful community of ADHD entrepreneurs!

In case you prefer watching me talk about the business strategy we can all learn from stanely's tumblers.. video version's above!☝️

The Ever-Evolving Ideal Client: From Construction Sites to Pinterest Perfection

Once upon a time, Stanley's tumblers were the trusty sidekicks of construction workers, battling the elements and keeping drinks at just the right temperature. Fast forward a little, and boom – Pinterest moms are all over them, turning these rugged warriors into icons of style and functionality. When the soccer moms came a knocking, said, “hey, can you make more of these tumblers that you made once? We love them!”, Stanley listened, et voila! A new market opened for them. The lesson? Pay attention to the unexpected ways people are loving your products. Who knows, maybe your eco-friendly straws will be the next big thing in crafting circles!

Do you feel inspired about adapting to a new market? 

Leave me a voice note with your thoughts and I'll share my feedback in a future episode.

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Adaptability is Key: The 'Soccer Mom Pivot'

So Stanley saw soccer moms eyeing their tumblers and thought, "Why not?"

They expanded their line, mixing in colors and features that made every soccer field and PTA meeting a bit more stylish.

It's like realizing your homemade spicy jam isn't just for toast – it's a cocktail mixer, a glaze for chicken, and a secret weapon in chili.

When your audience's needs change, swirl that creativity around and see where it takes you.

Outgrowing Your Niche: When It's Time to Swim in Bigger Ponds

Ever feel like you're the big fish in a small pond, ready to leap into the ocean?

That's a sign of growth, baby!

Maybe you started with helping startups manage their social media, but now, you're eyeing corporate clients dreaming of viral campaigns.

It's okay to evolve; your business suit might just turn into a wetsuit as you dive into working in deep water.

Or maybe you’ll get covered in Kevlar as you get involved with the military!

Niche Down to Rise Up: The Expertise Paradox

You don't need to be the jack-of-all-trades. Stanley mastered tumblers, and you can be the queen of, say, sustainable packaging for indie beauty brands.

Find that niche where you can be the go-to guru, and watch as your expertise becomes the lighthouse for clients navigating the murky waters of your industry.

For instance, I help people build businesses.

A partnership I absolutely could create is bringing in social media managers who can do that for my clients if my clients were asking for it.

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Embrace Change Like a Pro

Stanley's journey from work sites to fashionable outings is a masterclass in embracing change.

Your business might start with one idea, but who says you can't pivot to something even more fabulous?

That side hustle making quirky bookmarks? It could become a full-blown personalized gift empire.

Stay open, stay nimble, and dance with change – it's leading you to some exciting places.

And eventually, you may even find you outgrow your current clients!

Listening to the Market's Whispers (or Shouts)

Stanley listened when a new crowd wanted in on their tumblers, and your business should too.

Whether it's a sudden demand for your lavender-scented candles in yoga studios or your graphic design skills for ebook covers, tune in to those market signals.

They're like secret messages guiding you to your next big hit.

Your business journey, much like Stanley's adventure with tumblers, is about finding those intersections where your passion meets the world's needs.

It's about being fearless in the face of change, embracing the quirks of your audience, and always being ready to throw a little glitter on your offerings to make them shine.

So, my fabulous entrepreneur, what's your Stanley tumbler story?

Where will your curiosity and adaptability take you next? And as always, if you need help with figuring this out, feel free to book yourself in for a free generate income strategy call. The link’s below!

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