32: How you can figure out whether you have a business or an ADHD hyperfixation

32: How you can figure out whether you have a business or an ADHD hyperfixation

Do you have a business?

"Your business can evolve with you. But there are some things to do on the front end. If you want to avoid it being a huge waste of money, if you're concerned that you might not stick with it...." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

If you're feeling overwhelmed and defeated because your ADHD is hindering your ability to start a successful business, resulting in unfinished projects and scattered ideas, then you're not alone!



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Following your life's calling 

Pursuing a business idea that aligns with your passion is essential to maintain long-term engagement in the venture. Entrepreneurs who follow their calling often find more satisfaction and success in their endeavors, as well as a deeper sense of personal fulfillment.

My life's calling as the brand Katie McManus has led me through various ventures, including dating coaching, leadership coaching, and now coaching 'alchemy'.

I advocate for individuals to trust their instincts and take chances in exploring their interests, whether they stem from hyper fixations or not.

By following their life's calling, individuals, including those with ADHD, can find success, purpose, and happiness in their entrepreneurial journey!

Small investments and market research

Investing time and money in a potential business idea *can* be daunting.

To avoid wasting resources, it's essential to start small, testing the waters with minimal investment and conducting market research to validate the idea.

This process can ease the transition into a full-fledged business by ensuring the venture is worth pursuing and has market demand.

Additionally, starting small allows entrepreneurs to learn along the way, understanding business nuances and making necessary adjustments.

In this episode of "The Weeniecast" I wanna stress the importance of researching the demand for a product or service and exploring ways to test the business idea without making significant financial commitments.

So be open minded of my suggestions to start on platforms like Etsy, advertising on social media, and paying monthly fees to ensure that the business has continuous growth while keeping initial costs low.

In this way, even as an ADHD-preneur, you can make informed decisions and overcome the initial hurdles in your entrepreneurial journey.




This episode that's all about figuring out whether you have a business or a hyperfixation, covers:

  • Navigate the EPIC journey of starting a business with ADHD, bravely facing potential risks and embracing rewards.

  • Master the art of testing business ideas on a budget with insightful strategies on minimal investment and effective market research.

  • Evolve your business through growth, identifying new pathways to success and opportunities for expansion.

  • Embark on a passionate adventure, conquering your fears of failure and being a 'weenie'.

  • Streamline your venture with savvy automation techniques, simplifying management and preparing it for an effortless handoff.


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