33: ADHD (AND neurotypical) entrepreneurs! Listen to learn how you can enjoy more successful sales calls!

33: ADHD (AND neurotypical) entrepreneurs! Listen to learn how you can enjoy more successful sales calls!

Master the art of listening!

"Stop talking about what you do! It's not about you. It's about THEM..." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

Attention, ADHD entrepreneur who struggles with active listening! 

In this episode we're going to talk about how avoiding saying too much and staying focused on the prospect will magically improve your sales pitch!

This episode ties in brilliantly with my offer to get better at holistic selling.

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The importance of listening 

Pop quiz! What's the secret sauce to sales success? It's active listening, folks! We're talking laser-focus on your customer's needs, reigning in your own pumped-up chatterbox tendencies, and steering the conversation ship with slick open-ended questions.

In the latest episode of "The Weeniecast", I'm bringing the spotlight on why active listening is the bomb-diggity for us ADHD entrepreneurs when we're on those nail-biting sales calls. Spoiler alert: Empathy and laser-focus are your new BFFs.

Sure, sales can feel like navigating a minefield at times, but trust me, with regular practice, you'll be twirling that active listening wand like a pro. So plug in, zone in, and let's master the art of trust-building and confidence-boosting at 👉 weeniecast.com. Your future sales success thanks you!

Hyperfixation again!

Ever found yourself so absorbed in a topic or task that it feels like the rest of the world just...vanished?

Welcome to the world of hyperfixation, my ADHD peeps! It's like our brains are hosting a one-man-show and everyone else is an unwanted guest.

This becomes a real rollercoaster ride during sales calls for us entrepreneur types.

You might catch yourself blabbering on about your world-changing product, but oops! You've forgotten about the real star of the show – your potential client.

In the latest Weeniecast episode, I’m diving into the deep end of how to put the brakes on this hyperfixation express train. Here's our previous episode all about hyperfixation if you need more of a deep dive on that specific topic!

Spoiler: it’s all about self-awareness and making your client the heart of the conversation.

So, resist the urge to hog the spotlight, folks. Instead, tune into the thoughts, needs, and feelings of your clients.

Not only does this boost your active listening game, it also helps you see how your product or service can truly make a difference to them.

Ready to level up your sales calls? Join me for this hyperfixation taming session on the "Weeniecast" at weeniecast.com.

Your prospects (and your sales numbers) will thank you!


Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - Introduction,
Katie McManus introduces the value of silence if you want to improve your success rate during sales calls.

00:01:24 - Hyper Fixation,
Katie explains that business owners with ADHD can struggle with hyperfixation, particularly when talking about their business and what they do. 

00:04:17 - Lack of Emotional Impulse Control,
Business owners with ADHD can struggle with a lack of emotional impulse control, particularly when they get excited or inspired. 

00:06:23 - Listening Better,
Katie emphasizes the importance of listening better during sales calls, and explains that most people listen at a surface level and are more focused on what they're going to say next. 

00:09:57 - Asking the Right Questions,
Exploring the importance of asking the right questions during sales calls. Simple questions are often better than complex ones. 

00:13:00 - The Importance of Listening, 
In order to help potential clients and understand their needs, it is important to be a good listener. 

00:15:34 - Excitement Management, 
It's natural to get excited during a sales call, but it is important to manage that excitement and focus on the client's needs. 

00:19:46 - Self-Management,
It's important to self-manage during a sales call and focus on the client. Writing down notes, asking follow-up questions, and reminding yourself that you are interviewing them can help.

00:21:59 - Sales Takes Practice,
No one is naturally good at sales. Time to bust the myths around that!

00:23:09 - Closing Thoughts,
When it comes to sales, the client does not care about what you do. They care about how you can solve their problems...


This episode that's all about learning how ADHD entrepreneurs can have more successful sales calls, covers:

  • How to elevate your sales calls with the secret weapon of active listening.

  • Discover the magic of open-ended questions to dive deep into your prospect's desires.

  • Sidestep long-winded speeches and keep your prospect's attention where it belongs.

  • Unearth emotional cues with level 2 listening and build unbreakable bonds.

  • Embark on a journey of continuous training and practice to reach the summit of sales mastery.

  • My guide to holistic selling

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