31: How to create ADHD-friendly processes in your business

Unlocking ADHD-Friendly Processes for Business Growth

"Whenever you see an ADHD entrepreneur that you're either supporting or that you are spinning in this way, I want you to have them focus in on what would benefit them most." - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

Are you tired of being told to simply focus harder or work harder to improve your productivity as an ADHD entrepreneur?

Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get a handle on your overwhelming to-do list?

It's time to try a new approach.

In this episode, we'll share little-known productivity tips specifically designed for ADHD entrepreneurs, so you can finally conquer the chaos and achieve your goals without feeling constantly overwhelmed or frustrated.



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ADHD-preneurs! Embrace efficiency! It's possible!

Are you an ADHD entrepreneur struggling to stay productive?

Do you want to increase your efficiency and achieve more success in your business?

Look no further, as I will be sharing the ultimate solution to boost productivity for entrepreneurs with ADHD.

Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to heightened productivity, focus, and accomplishment.

Join the ranks of successful ADHD entrepreneurs who have achieved peak performance with our expert tips and techniques.

Unlocking ADHD-friendly processes for your growth

As someone living with ADHD, I understand how challenging it can be for entrepreneurs with the same condition to juggle their daily tasks while running a business.

In this episode of the "Weeniecast", I discuss different ways to overcome procrastination and avoidance and improve productivity for entrepreneurs with ADHD.

I suggest creating daily non-negotiables and breaking down larger tasks into smaller action steps to provide dopamine hits along the way.

I also emphasize the importance of routine, longer work stretches, and short to-do lists to avoid overwhelming oneself.

In addition to productivity tips, I also touch on the importance of addressing underlying trauma related to avoidance and the benefits of consulting a coach or therapist.


This episode that's all about ADHD-friendly processes covers how to:

  • Tackle the overwhelm by mastering prioritization designed for ADHD entrepreneurs.

  • Overcome procrastination with outsourcing and body doubling secrets you never knew.

  • Discover the unexpected advantages and drawbacks of co-working spaces for individuals with ADHD.

  • Simplify your life with daily non-negotiables and checklists specifically tailored for ADHD entrepreneurs.

  • Navigate the tender intersection of trauma and avoidance, and learn to treat ADHD clients with heartfelt compassion.

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Some key moments:

00:00:00 - Introduction,

00:01:37 - The Three Villains!

00:03:33 - Overcoming Overwhelm

00:09:32 - Overcoming Procrastination

00:14:14 - Avoiding avoidance! 

00:14:21 - Making tasks more enjoyable for ADHD clients

00:15:27 - Understanding differences between procrastination and avoidance 

00:18:55 - Breaking down tasks into smaller steps

00:21:24 - Implementing daily non-negotiables and checklists 

00:24:19 - Kind follow-up for ADHD entrepreneurs

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