2: Time management ADHD challenges faced by busy ADHD-preneurs

2: Time management ADHD challenges faced by busy ADHD-preneurs

Time management ADHD challenges faced by ADHD entrepreneurs 

"It becomes this kind of self punishing cycle where we are just constantly reminded of how we're quote, unquote, 'broken' and not like other people. And so I just want to normalize for anyone who's listening that you're not broken, your brain just works in a different way and you're getting advice that doesn't work for your brain. " - Katie McManus, Brave Business Coaching

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Business owners and entrepreneurs with ADHD who suffer from shiny object syndrome - we've got your back!

This episode covers:

  • A better way of managing your time (neurotypical ways don't work for us ADHD business owners!)
  • The way you can get better focus
  • Why Katie's dog Luna can probably relate to Katie's calendar
  • Some detail and suggestion for breaking up your week
  • A suggestion for getting free advice on a custom time management plan that works for YOU!


Who will get the most out of this episode?

Have you tried the Pomodoro technique, and found all it did was Pomo-annoy you?

Did eating the frog not fill you with joy?

How about chipping away at the big tasks first? Did it just leave you with a chip on your shoulder?

Yep, thought so.

If you listen to this episode, you'll definitely find that time managing your business with ADHD will be easier and more beneficial.

How can you learn a more bespoke way of managing your time?

Great question.

Glad you asked.

Like with anything in life, listening to advice will only get you so far. You have to actually TAKE ACTION if you want to own your ADHD time management rather than have it own you.

So we invite you to join Katie in one of her FREE Brave Biz Labs sessions held every Friday.

Here's the link to book in!



About Katie McManus

Katie McManus was trained in Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Development at the Co-Active Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

She's a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation.

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