86. The ROI on cold DMs & Are YOU Smart Enough To Be A Humpback Whale?

86. The ROI on cold DMs & Are YOU Smart Enough To Be A Humpback Whale?

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Ever wondered if you're a shark or a humpback whale when it comes to your business strategy? Intrigued? Then you've got to watch or listen to this episode of The Weeniecast!

Hey, I'm Katie McManus, business strategist and money mindset coach, and this is my podcast "The Weeniecast!"

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Now, back to this episode...

We're gonna get hot and sweaty wrestling with a challenge that many business owners face when they're trying to drum up the cash monies for their biz. Sending DMs. Or, more to the point, the ROI on cold DMs, in terms of time and money spent sending them.

No spoilers, but it turns out, my alternative of attraction-based marketing strategy might just be your ticket to business freedom and flexibility.

But, I'll still run you through the numbers, and prove to you why all those people who cold pitch you every day, or invite you to let them do it on your behalf, are wasting their time.


Cold DMs consume your valuable time without promises of return. So don't just carry on with it regardless!

Have a listen to this episode and learn why switching to an attraction method like inbound marketing can lead to better, long-term results.

Timestamped summary

00:00 Unsustainable business practices lead to long hours.

04:27 Develop attraction culture for business success and freedom.

08:03 Cold DMs ineffective without personalization; takes time.

11:10 Create consistent, targeted content across platforms.

15:25 Humpback whales enjoying meals and friendships.

19:14 Smart work attracts high-paying clients, framework access.

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